Saturday, March 31, 2018

Willowbank Part 1

We had to fetch Brendon's new glasses, so he suggested we so something special with the children while we were in town. So the vote was for Willowbank. Hannah doesn't remember coming (she had just turned 3) and Hezekiah hasn't been before. So it was lovely to let them have the experience.
Not a full family photo with Brendon taking the photo and Rachel on camp this weekend.
I went and checked and we came almost 7 years ago to the day. It was 30 March 2011 that we took this photo in about the same spot. It's incredible to think that Hannah is now the age that Rachel was in this photo (10). And Asher is just a bit older than the age that Ruth was (4 1/2 were Asher is 5). And we have 3 more children.
One thing that hasn't changed is the fascination that the children have right at the entrance with feeding the eels.
Hezekiah was really looking forward to this as he had heard a lot about it. I don't think he really knew what to expect though.
Hezekiah and Ruth really enjoyed it. I put the extra photo in of Hezekiah with Dad helping him to show how big the eels were.
Hannah was actually the first to try but the eel came out of the water quite suddenly and gave her a real fright. So after Dad helped Hezekiah and Ruth, we really encouraged her to go with him and try again. She was so nervous, but managed to do it with Dad's protective hand over hers. Well done Hannah for finding the courage to give it another go.
Hannah and Hezekiah just loved the black swan.
Technology can be great. They have codes on the information boards that you can scan on your phone and then listen to the bird or animal's noise.
What a great addition to the whole experience.
Asher enjoyed feeding these deer.
And these geese.
Unfortunately a sad change from our last visit is that the wallabies have lost their interest in the visitors and stay on the other side of the enclosure. So we got a look from far. Far from the close up experience we had last time.
This was from 2011. Such a wonderful experience that it was a highlight for us. So this time it was rather disappointing for the older of us who remember this. I'm not sure if they were just not hungry today, or if they are not as tame now. We saw children running towards birds, so it may be that they just know to rather keep their distance now.
Such a beautiful day for it.
Hezekiah asked for a photo with this pretty bird.
The monkeys were very cute. Especially when this little baby decided to play and then get a ride.
Enjoying the sun.
My little monkey enjoying the swing (such a good idea to have these at a few places through the walk for active little boys).
Anastasia was a star and had a nice long nap in her sling.
Some beautiful fungi I spotted.
Always fun to spot the Lemurs. Especially when they walk with their tails in the air (which they did for us).
And it was nice to see the otter's moving about too.
Such a colourful bird.
At first the gibbons were way back in the enclosure. Thankfully the younger ones decided he wanted a play and we had so much fun watching them.

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