Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas cards and school assembly

Saturday 9th: Hannah enjoying some time with Anastasia.
She then got dressed and ready for the family photo. A cute Christmas outfit that a friend gave us.
Rachel and I busy working on the Christmas angels. We have had a real focus on them this week, using every opportunity to get them made so that the children could hand them out to their classes before school closes on Tuesday.
Once Brendon was home from work we asked him to get his blue shirt on so that we could get our Christmas time family photo. Not too easy with a new born - but nice to have a new one with all of us in.
Ruth and I had a good production line going with gluing the angel pieces together. Rachel did almost all the cutting out and then all the sewing (joining the body and the wings). I cut all the heads out and drew the eyes on. So the gluing was first to attach the head and then to attach the card with a piece of gut.
Brendon watched the little two while we worked. Good multi-tasking here with enjoying a nap too. :-)

Hannah enjoyed helping by cutting all the pieces of gut.

We were pleased with the amount we have gotten made. We won't be able to take a photo of them all as we are handing them out almost as quickly as we are making them. We ended up making almost 200.
A close up of this years decoration and card. Unfortunately by the time I took this photo we had already given away all the yellow angels (and red cards). It was a nice colourful collection.

Sunday 10th: My midwife gave me this wheat bag to use during the labour, and it continues to be helpful. Replacing my hand on Anastasia's tummy. It doesn't always work, but it did today.
Brendon had to do something at the farm, so Hezekiah went with and they had a little outing. I love this photo of them.
On Saturday and Sunday night Asher woke at around 9pm and it looked like there was some kind of vacant seizure activity. This evening it went on for around 7 minutes so I took a video (to be able to show her neurologist) and we gave her medication which seemed to help stop it and allow her to lie down and get back to sleep.
Monday 11th: Rachel giving me a hand with Anastasia so I can get Asher ready for preschool. Unfortunately Asher had a seizure at 9am, so she only had a very short time at preschool and then came home for a sleep.
Tuesday 12th: I had Asher at preschool this morning and then she had a doctor's appointment after lunch. So I couldn't make it to the end of school assembly. Rachel went though and took some photos for me.
They had a practice on Monday (they had a few musical items) and so they handed out the athletics certificates at the practice.
At the assembly today she got a gold certificate for the Home Learning Challenge.
This came as a part of the award.
And then in the Years 4-7 they only give out around 5 Rise Awards per class. They choose the children that have consistently shown the RISE values through the year. This includes Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. Well done Ruth for being one of those top 5 in your class. All attributes that honour the Lord in how you behave through the year.
The Year 1-3 classes all get a certificate for something that they have done well at.
Hezekiah's was for Excellence in Mathematics, a positive attitude and for being a good buddy in group activities.
Hannah enjoying the singing. Ruth was off to the side playing the guitar to accompany them. Well done to all of you.

Brendon was in town in the morning for training, so he was able to join me at the doctor's appointment. We had a good discussion about how to try and get some more seizure control over the next weeks and months. Specifically trying to reduce the amount of "vacant" type episodes that she has been having lately. We have a plan for a new dose of her meds and then also a script for a new medication if the adjustment in dose does not help enough.

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