Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Home and 1 week old

Friday 17th: Anastasia and I headed home today. Ruth was off to a Guide camp this morning, so Brendon dropped her off in Amberley to thankfully get a lift to town with another girl. Because of her not being home when we got home today, I was especially glad she got the visit yesterday.
I am so thankful to a friend for lending us this Moses basket. It's handy to have her sleeping in it in the lounge with us all (safe from Asher's ball throwing).
As it was a public holiday today Daniel could have a longer weekend visit and so he arrived this morning. Hannah and Hezekiah finally got their request granted and played the card game of our Bible game. Through the weekend they also got to play the longer board game. They also got their traditional park walk in. :-)
Showing Asher how to gently wipe Anastasia's head. She is still not really interested.
Gently touching her tummy is another safe option (rather than her pointing to and touching her eyes). Asher has surprisingly not even show an interest in touching her. I suppose this is better (and safer) than her possibly always trying to touch her or pick her up.
Anastasia and I having a rest and Asher wanted to join us for a bit.
Enjoying a sleep late afternoon.
Saturday 18th: So hot today she was warm enough in just a vest. Although I don't think it's called a vest in NZ. It's normally a singlet, but that doesn't seem quite right. ;-)
A nicer photo today of their repeat bible card game.
Sunday 19th: Ruth got home after lunch today. I wanted some pants for Anastasia and Ruth got these ones out. She didn't even realize that she had gotten the pants that match this top.
Ruth was so tired this afternoon, she fell asleep on the couch.
On the park trip today Hannah and Hezekiah went on their bikes. It was so hot today that he had this hairstyle when he got home. Brendon told him it looked like Darth Maul - so he did a villain face for the first photo. :-)
Ruth was awake enough this evening to help Anastasia get to sleep. She is struggling with her tummy so often needs to be more upright and have pressure on her tummy to get to sleep.

Monday 20th: Lindsay weighed her today. Babies very often loose weight in the first week. They even have a line for "percentage weight loss in first week" on the page she completes on this check. Anastasia had put on 40g though.
She is looking so healthy.
Tuesday 21st: One week old today. A good excuse to dress her up for some photos.

Thanks Ria for the special clothes.
Very cute indeed.

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