Sunday, July 23, 2017

Games, treats, rain and sun

Monday 17th: Great to see games enjoyed in the holidays. The girls have gotten into chess lately too, although they had a break and a game of Mancala by the time I had the camera out.
And more games before bed. :-)
Tuesday 18th: I have been given plenty of clothes for our little girl, but they desperately needed to get sorted. Such a range of sizes. So Jean helped Ruth get some sorting done today. I haven't found the energy to face it myself yet.
Rachel had a St John meeting this evening but it worked out well that an old ballet friend's mum was able to pick her up after the meeting and she got to spend the night and Wednesday with them.
Wednesday 19th: Asher had a 1 min TC at 6:45am this morning. Thankfully only 1 minute of twitching afterwards before she could get some sleep.

These two had a picnic with their teddies this morning. I love it when they come up with games that they both enjoy. They have so much fun together.
A birthday treat for Ruth. Gluten free fudge brownie.
The plan was for Brendon to head out with Ruth this evening. Rachel needed to be picked up from her friend, so it was a good excuse to go out for a sweet treat. I have had a tiring time lately though with Asher home for 4 weeks (no preschool) and then two weeks of holidays with all the kids home, so Brendon suggested I rather go with her. I was very grateful to get the 2 hours out the house and enjoy some quiet. The weather hasn't been wonderful these holidays, so the inside volume has been one of the hardest things to cope with. So this was a wonderful break from it all.
Some lovely artwork at the Copper Road.
Thursday 20th: The girls were having a "fitness and strength" competition and so they were doing some exercises. Hezekiah joined in and then Asher decided to join in too. :-)
Friday 21st: Asher had another 1 min TC this morning at 9:45am. Josie had thankfully not left home yet (she normally helps me with Asher on Friday mornings) and so I could tell her not to worry about coming out. Especially with all the rain we had today.
The rain arrived as expected and the ditches outside our home were full. I forgot to take photos, so I share one taken by our talented neighbour Val Simpson.
Other than some pooling in our garden, it wasn't really a problem (just a lot of rain). There was a lot of flooding in South Canterbury which caused a lot of damage. So we were grateful it wasn't too bad for us.
With it being so wet outside I was pleased that these three created such a fun indoor game. They had their own shops set up and were really good about packing all the toys away when the game was finished.
Saturday 22nd: Ruth got a couple of guiding things done today, including doing some games with Hannah and Hezekiah that made them all laugh. Asher was keen to join in again. :-)
Sunday 23rd: What a beautiful day after all that rain. Hezekiah had been talking constantly about playing soccer with Dad this afternoon, so they headed up to the school to enjoy the big field. Hannah asked if she could go with and play on the playground, and Hezekiah said that was fine. :-)
So a shared outing for them today.

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