Sunday, June 18, 2017

A teddy, a slice, a formal and some boxes

Monday 12th: The one thing I knew Asher would love about this new, more flexible diet, was getting chicken wings. Interestingly she is mostly interested in the skin (which is great with the fat that she needs). She is happy to leave meat on the bones, but wont leave any skin.

Tuesday 13th: Starting to try and teach her to recognise the numbers. She counts well, so this is the next step. She always loves her computer time.
It was nice to get a photo of her at the keyboard too. It's great to see her enjoying it more and more.
After Champion Centre we headed to the hospital for an appointment with her neurologist. We chatted about the EEG and blood results from a couple weeks back and also needed to just check her urine (her acidity levels where not right, and so she will need a supplement to get that corrected).
He is not convinced that the diet is working. The dietician and I feel differently. We both see that she had gone back to the average number of seizures she was having while on 2 AEDs. She is just on 1 now. I think he sees success as "no seizures". He is happy to give this "new" diet another 3 months and then re-assess again. So hopefully we see even more improvement over the next few months.
Wednesday 14th: Hezekiah came home with "Ed the Ted" today. He had to write up in a book what he did with Ted. So first Ted watched him doing some school work.
It was nice that he came on a Wednesday, as he could then join Hezekiah at karate in the evening too.
Asher had a lot of fun with Hannah this evening. Loads of laughing and fun.

Friday 16th: I have been craving sweet things, so finally got to create something sweet that is sugar free (just a bit of stevia used). A strawberry and almond slice. It's a bit too strong on the coconut side, but a big dollop of cream helps with that. I love that this is a really healthy option and can help with weight! Yip - even with all that cream. As there are no carbs (or at least only tiny measurements of carbs), it's a great THM S (Satisfying) snack.
Hezekiah got this certificate at their singing assembly today. Well done Hezekiah. I wonder if you will have your Mum's love for math. I'm so pleased to see you are already doing well with your "speedy addition". Good job.
This evening Ruth headed off to the HYC Formal in Hanmer Springs. I am always so impressed with Ruth's willingness to go into situations where she is "on her own". She booked without any other friends attending and didn't even know if there were any children from her school going. She still saw it as a great opportunity though. She found out this morning that there were some older children from her school going, so at least she had some familiar faces on the bus. I'm always so amazed by her courage to face new and different experiences.
Saturday 17th: At 12pm Asher had a 1 1/5 minute Tonic Clonic. It was wonderful that she had a 9 day break. She has started with a runny nose this afternoon, so it looks like that may be playing a part too.
I had a rather hard day today, feeling very overwhelmed by all that needs to get sorted for getting our earthquake repairs done (as well as everything else that is going on). Brendon had said earlier in the week that he would take over organizing the repairs. I needed to give it totally to him today. I got a book out and just wrote down all the things that I had in my mind that needed to be done or sorted out. It was so good to just get it all written down and handed over.
Sunday 18th: Unfortunately we had a few people feeling ill this morning, so we decided to rather stay home and keep all the germs to ourselves. It was good to just get everyone to have a restful day. Although we did rest, we also managed to start some of the packing for the upcoming repairs. We plan to only get it done in September, but there are loads of books that can be stored for a couple of months. So the plan is to just do a bit of work every weekend and slowly get through it all in preparation for September. Although we don't have to move to a rental for the repairs, it will be easier to have us out of the house. The plan is that we go to furnished accommodation for the week to 10 days, and store the furniture in the garage and container while we are away. This way it's much easier for all the work to get done, but we don't have to have two moves in a couple of weeks.

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