Friday, May 12, 2017

A driving lesson and a fun wig

Monday 8th: We moved our car insurance to AA last year and I got an AA membership at the same time (benefiting from a discount on both for getting both). On great bonus (which out pays the cost of the membership) is 3 free driving lessons to a new learner driver in your family. So Rachel had her first free lesson today. We dropped Asher at preschool and came straight to Rangiora for the lesson.
As soon as it was done we headed back to pick her up. A bit of a rush, but we managed.
Ruth decided to do her reading on top of the wood pile this afternoon. Enjoying the sun.
When I dropped Hezekiah at karate this evening (he starts 1/2 hour later) I quickly popped in to see what colour belts they were wearing. Well done to both of them for skipping a tab and going straight to green belt.
Tuesday 9th: Champion Centre this morning and I just could not resist trying to get a photo of the excited face that I kept getting every time she got a page right on the ipad game Hilary had for her. When she matches the words up correctly it shakes them and has hands clapping. So she would clap her hands too and would look at me with such happiness - EVERY time. :-) So cute.
She spent a bit more time playing the xylophone today. She enjoyed watching herself in the mirror.
Wednesday 10th: Hannah off to camp today. Such excitement for her two nights at Arthur's Pass - especially after hearing about all the fun the other classes have had.
Thursday 11th: Hezekiah enjoying a cuddle with Anakin.
Friday 12th: Hezekiah's class sang and "played" Twinkle Twinkle at assembly today using Boom Whackers.
And then Hezekiah was thrilled to get another certificate. This one for "brilliant reading and learning his fast words". Well done Hezekiah.

Hezekiah was excited to see Dave was here when he got home. So he headed out to see if he could "help". Dave is always really good about finding a "job" for him. :-) The bottom sections of the walls got put on today. The top part can't be done yet as we have to get the electrical stuff done before that. One step closer though.
Hannah back from camp this afternoon with loads of fun stories to tell.
Ruth got creative with dinner and made some omelettes for Hezekiah and Hannah which they really enjoyed.
It looks like she opted for scrambled eggs for herself instead.
We found this fun wig in one of the bags of clothes we were given. Asher loved getting everyone to have a go with it on. I was surprised at how comfortable she was with it on her own head. Super cute.

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