Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Running, Kiri and family games

Saturday 5th: As Ruth was the only 10 year old who did the 1,000m at Athletics, she goes through to the next round on Monday, with the other area schools. She ran with her sneakers on Wednesday and so she decided to run with Dad today - barefoot - to see which she preferred. Hezekiah wanted to join them and ran about 100m meters before he got too tired.
She ran it in 5 min 14 seconds on Wednesday, and got the exact same time today. She did prefer it without her shoes though.
Right: Really pushing herself for that last 100m.
Brendon is hoping they can start training a couple of months before athletics starts next year. He really enjoyed running with her.
Little Miss often comes and lies by my feet. That tummy is getting so big now. She still has more than a month to go.
Sunday 6th: Kiri keeping Hannah company while she does dishes.
Hezekiah's art from Sunday School.

We forgot to take a photo of Kiri at Sunday school, so one in the car on the way home had to do.
This afternoon Kiri sat with Hannah while she typed up her "diary" from the weekend. I added the photos for her and she was so pleased with it.
Last photo added, Hannah making "fruit salad" this evening for desert.

Asher had a 1 minute Vacant seizure at midday, during church lunch. Thankfully she didn't even need a nap and had her lunch straight afterwards.
Monday 7th: As soon as I had picked Asher up from preschool, we headed over to Culverden to watch Ruth. I was worried I would be a bit late, but we arrived with enough time to have a little chat before her race.
She had a good 6 girls in front of her, but there were a number of girls behind her too. It was so helpful to have a big group of girls to run with.
And they pushed her to run her heart out. I was watching her 200m splits and I was amazed at how fast she was going. And she kept it up the whole way. She finished in 4 min 37 seconds. Amazing to knock 37 seconds off her time.
I was so proud of her. Well done Ruth!

And then it was time for high jump. She jumped her best height on Wednesday, 102cm. Today they started on 100cm, so she didn't get much time to get into things. Unfortunately she didn't clear 100cm today. It was a great opportunity though and good to get the extra experience.
Ruth then planned a fun night for the family (part of a Guide badge). She covered pieces of banana in dark chocolate (and decorated them with the coloured stars her leader had sent her).
The fruit on the left of the plate was from the freezer, so she had to let those defrost first.
Lovely fun fruit kebabs as the snack at the start of the fun night (while Asher and Hezekiah were still up - so that they could have some before bed).
So we did 5 minute rounds. 2 people would play Battleships while another 2 played Mancala.

The last person played Dad's Chinese checkers and saw how many times they could clear the tray (if at all).
Rachel had bought Cluedo and Mancala last month, so it was nice to get to show Dad how to play it. And Hezekiah got the battleships for his birthday, and it was great to be able to get to play with them too.
We scored up each round and Hannah won. Well done Hannah. And thank you Ruth for a fun evening.
Tuesday 8th: Another angle of that big tummy. She must surely have more than 3 kittens in there. We are still amazed that we didn't notice that Puss was pregnant until the night she gave birth.
And then I got one from the top too - to show how much that tummy is sticking out on the sides. I knew she would follow me when I got up, so I just took the camera with. She has been following me around a lot lately. We are all really looking forward to having kittens again.

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