Friday, November 4, 2016

Mufti, Mum, caps and Kiri

Monday 31st October: Little Miss is getting so big. The kittens are due to arrive within the next 2 to 3 weeks. I struggle to capture on camera how big she looks. This gives a little idea of how big that tummy is.
At 7:30pm, just before bed, Asher had a 1 minute Tonic seizure. So she went off to bed. I reflect on how much I have had to relax with this. In the past, I would often want to just hold her for the hour after her seizure (even if bed time) to know that she wasn't going to have another. We do have the video monitor on her in bed, so it's not that I can't watch her. I do see how I have had to relax more with this and trust that she will be ok.
Just before Brendon and I were going to head to bed, we noticed the cat behind the fridge / washing maching. I wanted to put something in there to stop her going back in, and noticed (thankfully) that the floor was wet. So we decided to just fix it straight away. The problem was a split in the pipe, just as it went into the machine. So we disconnected enough to get in there and tape it up. I'm so thankful we have again been able to fix the problem ourselves.

Tuesday 1st November: And a great day to take the children's photo. It was "mufti" day at school with the theme of Halloween or wild animals. I was so thankful to be able to borrow the zebra onesie from the Champion Centre for Hezekiah.
Hannah went as a fairy (she still had her wings from a ballet concert). Ruth went as a shadow. She said there were children in her class that didn't even bother and were in school uniform, so I was pleased there wasn't pressure to "go to town". There were a lot of parents who did for the children in the early years. I suppose dress up clothes are cheaper for the little children.
Asher having a cuddle with Hannah this afternoon.
Wednesday 2nd: Asher and I headed off to Champion Centre. I left my camera for Brendon to take to the athletics today (he took the day off so he could get to watch the children). So I just had my phone (excuse the photo quality). Asher does love feeding the "baby".
A fun throwing activity today - from on the swing. Great for core strength as she had to balance herself as she threw. And she does just love throwing these "bean bugs". I wish we had a bucket full of them. Mariana held the bucket for her to throw into and she did really well. Mariana also did really well in catching the ones there were a bit off target.
Thankfully we got home in time to see some of the activities at the athletics, especially the highlight for me - the parent / teacher / student relay that Brendon was a part of. Apparently the parents have only ever lost this, but thanks to Brendon's wonderfully speed, they came 2nd. All the athletics photos will be in a separate post.
And then I headed back to the Champion Centre this evening for their "pamper night" for the mothers. It was lovely catching up with mothers I met last year and then also meeting some new people (specifically a mother with an 18 month old daughter who has epilepsy). It was a lovely evening and I am so thankful for their love and care in putting it on every year.
Thursday 3rd: Hannah and Hezekiah were ready early this morning and were great helpers in going out and doing some "weeding" (pulling grass out where it shouldn't be).
Dance practice this afternoon /evening. Both Hannah and Ruth will be a part of the opening scene (so they get to dance at all 4 shows for this scene). Today they were recording a number of different scenes for the different teachers. They needed extra people to help "fill in" and so Hannah and Ruth got to help a lot tonight too (and I even helped out when their numbers where to low). It was a fun evening (although a bit later than normal).
Friday 4th: Hezekiah got the first school cap (when he started and needed a blue hat). Ruth then needed one as she didn't have that fitted over her hair. Hezekiah then lost his first one, so I had to buy another (otherwise he would have to sit under the trees at break and not get to play). Once I had bought the replacement, his first one turned up, so Hannah got one too. So they all have proper school caps now - with their names written on the back - so others aren't tempted to take them home by mistake. ;-)
Primary assembly this afternoon. I took some photos while they were singing.
Anica and Hannah are such good friends. It's lovely to see them always together.
Showing off their work. They spotted me with the camera - so both looked and smiles. Thanks girls. :-)
Hannah had the priviledge this weekend of having Kiri spend the weekend with her. She had to write in his journal about all that they did. So she went for a jump on the tramp with him once she got home, and then he got to chat to Nana in South Africa. It was lovely to see the excitement that Hannah had on doing as many things as possible with her "guest". We took loads of photos and so she added those to her journal entry too.
Rachel bought Cluedo this week, so we had our first family game this evening. Hannah noted in the journal that Mum was Mrs White and she was the murder. She didn't however note that I also won the game. Brendon and Rachel both guessed before having their facts confirmed. ;-)

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