Thursday, October 27, 2016

Music Festival 2016 photos

We were really thankful that Rachel was happy to stay at home with Hezekiah and Asher so that Brendon, Hannah and I could go and watch the Music Festival this evening.
Ruth had left very early with the bus. They had a morning practice and then spent the afternoon in town. She has been looking forward to this day for so long now - and one main highlight was going ice skating this afternoon. :-)
We walked around to say hi before it started and got some close up photos.
While they were warming up.
The theme this year.

Above: With them all standing to sing. The "special" choir is in the middle behind the orchestra. They book the seats so that you are opposite your school and so can see them nicely. So to the left of the special choir there are just as many children.
The camera had been going around through the performance, but just missed Hurunui college so often. He would be heading in their direction and perhaps get a couple of them, and then stop.
We did spot their school photo coming up at the end.
And they took a group photo before they started. A lovely big group this year. Ruth really enjoyed it.

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