Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kaiapoi park visit

Not much info on this post, just loads of photos to capture the fun time they all had. They always get especially excited when I find a "new" park for them to visit on our way home from church.
We got Asher's sunglasses out to see if they would help. They are a bit tight though and when we eventually took them off, she had marks around her eyes.
So we will have to look at another option for this year. Especially so that she can get down tot he pool this summer.
Such a cutie though.
A nice 4 seated sea-saw. I just took a photo of these two as Hannah was on with another girl on the other side (and I didn't see parents around to ask permission for her to be included in the shot).
Fun climbing together.
Hezekiah called Ruth to have a "race".
And then the decided to have a go on this. It always makes me a bit nervous.
Asher really wanted to go on it. I was not really mad about the idea, but allowed her to go on for a bit. Her siblings where really good about keeping it going really slowly.
Loads of fun. Asher then went to the swings and not long after being on there she has a small little episode, so that ended the park visit and we headed home.
She had a 3 minute vacant seizure at 11 this morning at church. She had finally gotten to sleep for a while after it, so she didn't even sleep on the way home after the episode. It was just seconds long, so it didn't seem to worry her too much.
I treated the children to some watermelon again.
Still can't get over the price - but a nice healthy treat. :-) Asher had some too, but took bites from Dad as she drove around the deck.
And a great way to end of a nice family day - with a group tickle. Poor Dad, I could almost not see him under them.

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