Sunday, September 4, 2016

Father's day weekend

Saturday 3rd: After dropping Ruth at a party, Brendon and Hezekiah headed to the park close to their home. Hezekiah wasn't too sure about going to a different park, but once they got there he was thrilled. He especially liked that there were two steering wheels. :-)
So much fun. And so nice to have a wonderful spring day to enjoy in short sleeves.

Below: Some photos of Ruth at the party (thanks to the birthday girl's mum for the photos). They had such a fun time.

Sunday 4th: The children all did something special for their Dads today. Ruth made these amazing little hamburger cupcakes. Unfortunately Brendon can't eat wheat - so could not enjoy eating them - but they were very well made. Such a clever idea.
It was nice having Brook come over this afternoon. The girls all enjoyed making some special things for their Dad.
Hezekiah helped Dad vacuum the van and then they came inside and enjoyed watching some of a movie together.
I bought a coconut on our way home for the children to get to see. They have never seen one being opened or tasted fresh coconut. So they were very excited about it.
Getting the liquid out. It was clear - so I won't call it coconut milk.
Ruth decided to take it to school tomorrow as no one here really likes fresh coconut. :-) The photo reminds me about the bread maker we picked up this morning. Our previous one was not working properly, so I bought a new one and it was delivered on Saturday. There was a fault on the unit though and so it didn't bake. After church we were able to go and get a replacement. It was a bit delay in getting home, but worth it with the amount of times it is used in the week.

Just after church this morning, as I was bringing Asher's lunch, she had a 1 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. I am so thankful that the last month of seizures have all been short ones. 2 minutes or less. I was also thankful for her new car seat with the tray as she was able to eat her rice on the way home after she had slept a while.

This evening it was present time for Dad. Happy Farther's Day Brendon. You are very loved.

Piled up with his cards and presents.
The card Hezekiah made for Dad at preschool.

Ruth and Hannah then did a little song for Dad. Ruth had written it and couldn't remember all the words, so had her notes there. :-)

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