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EAV testing

Hannah and I had our follow up EAV testing today, and I organised for Hezekiah to come too. He was the only one who hadn't been tested and he kept asking when it was his turn. :-) So because he was so excited about it, I thought I would finally take some photos so that you can understand a little about how this testing is done. You hold the one rod in your hand while she works on the opposite hand or foot. Different points in your hands and feet relate to different parts of your body. This is known in many practices - like reflexology, acupuncture and even just pressure points that people use to relieve headaches or nausea. This gives her an idea of what areas of the body are out of balance. The skin is also involved in the readings, and so she wears gloves so that her body doesn't interfere with the readings.
There are a lot of negative things written about this testing on-line, claiming that it's all just a scam. Thankfully Brendon and I have a close Christian friend who has been using one of these machines for over 15 years, successfully helping many people. He had been giving me advice through our FAILSAFE journey and when I was at a point of not knowing what to do next, he had suggested we try and find someone who could do EAV testing. It was just weeks later that a local friend told me about Megan, so I felt confident that this was the right next step for us. And every time someone in the family sees her, I get more confirmation of how accurate the testing is (and I will give more details on that later - for those who are sceptical).
Once the basic body assessment is done, then she is able to test on just one of your big toes. Here she tests for many things like toxins, additives, mineral and vitamin deficiency, parasites, viral infections, radiation, food sensitivity and a few other general areas that come up for each individual. One or two remedies are then made up to help deal with all these issues.
This document is Hannah's first assessment of these general areas (she had 2 remedies, one for each big section). When we had the follow up today we were so pleased to see almost all of the issues had been cleared. I highlighted in green all the items that are now clear. The only ones left are deficiencies in Zinc and Vitamin D as well as some other things that we need to clear out (like corn syrup and a parasite). Because so many things had been dealt with, Megan could work today and doing more healing in Hannah's gut - the main area in her body that is out of balance. So her new remedy has those few items in it again, as well as a few new ones specifically for her stomach and digestive track (so only one remedy needed).
With a full range of food sensitivities, I decided to just keep track of everyone on a spreadsheet. So this is what it looks like after all our assessments. The blank spaces are those not tested, greed are fine, while white with X are not. The light green are ones that are not ideal, but could be had as a treat once a week perhaps.
The only ones able to have all dairy are Rachel, Ruth and Hezekiah. Thankfully Asher is able to have butter and cheese. The only person not sensitive to gluten was Rachel, but she was sensitive to wheat. So while the rest of us have to avoid oats, Rachel can have a bit of oats (we can't afford gluten free oats for those who were wondering).
I thought I would also share some of the results that we have had. So many things have just confirmed for me how accurate this testing has been.
Asher: We could not do all the testing on fingers and toes with Asher (to check areas of her body) as she was not happy with the probe being held in one place for more than a second. So we focused more on the general things and food intolerance. I was really interested to see what would happen with quinoa. I have seen very clearly (from at least 3 trials) that quinoa causes Asher to wake at night. Megan was really surprised when the results showed that Asher was indeed sensitive to quinoa. This was the first time she has seen anyone have that reaction to it.
Hezekiah: No big surprise that Hezekiah is really healthy. No major imbalances and only gluten (and associated products like barley, rye and oats) showing up on food sensitivity. We haven't seen his eczema since we started the FAILSAFE diet when we changed to sensitive washing powder. So even though he did react to foods when we did trails previously (nightmares and crying more) his body is hopefully much better now after the months on a FAILSAFE diet, and he will be able to eat a nice big range of fruit and vegetables again.
Hannah: No surprise here that Hannah's main area in her body that was out of balance was her gut. Stomach, large and small intestines all really out. And I already knew that. The fact that she has been so very sensitive to foods has been a clear indication over the last year that her gut is not functioning properly.
A note on Hannah - she is the only one in the family who is sensitive to corn. Megan was sure that she would still be sensitive at the 2nd testing because the corn syrup was still showing in her system (she was the only one who had corn syrup showing up). So hopefully after this next remedy, the corn syrup will be cleared out and perhaps her sensitivity to corn will clear up. She would love to be able to eat popcorn again.
Another funny thing here was that when she was first tested and Megan was telling me about the different toxins and preservatives that she found traces of - she mentioned that the one preservative/additive was black food colouring. Megan was trying to think of different things that it is found in and mentioned soy sauce. I could immediately tell her that I knew what it was from - Hannah's black toothless birthday cake last year.....
Ruth: Ruth was thrilled to know that she can still eat dairy products. The only thing she really has to stay off is gluten (and associated products) as well as capsicum and potato. Surprisingly there were no other nightshades showing to be a problem.
As confirmation of the accuracy of the testing, it showed clearly that Ruth has chronic inflammation (which we know from blood tests). Unfortunately Megan could not find the underlying cause at the first visit, but perhaps after dealing with all the first things, more details will be able to be seen.
It also showed that amongst others, Ruth's Iron and Vitamin D where low (which we also know from blood tests). She also had blue food colouring in her system, and so we are sure that is related to Hezekiah's blue dinosaur cake from October. She was also the only one of the children who had traces of vaccines show up. Again - fitting with the fact that Ruth got a full range of vaccinations at birth (where the others didn't).
Rachel: Rachel was also very healthy. Her body has dealt really well with so many things and she was the only one in the family who did not have any parasites. She was also so very thankful to not need to go off dairy. So wheat and soy where her only food sensitivities.
Belinda: Not surprisingly my body was out in so many areas. Just confirmation of how hard the last 3 years have been on my body. I did have a lot of food sensitivities, which also didn't surprise me. There are a number of fruits that I have to stay away from, and with my knowledge of salicylates and how my body reacts to them, I would have expected that. I had a total of 50 different things in my two remedies.
My follow up today was not as positive as Hannah's. Unfortunately I only had about 2 or 3 things improve on my long list. There is a possibility that my body has just not been strong enough to have a full detox and clear all of it out. So it may be a good thing that it's just taking a bit longer for me. There were a few things added today, so I have 52 items in my two "new" remedies.
Brendon: When she checks the whole body there is a ideal "range" for results. With the rest of the family, she would look at those results that were very low, and see the area that needs most work. Brendon was the only one that had something that was way too high, and that was his liver (picked up on two separate readings). With all the pain killers and migraine tablets Brendon has had to take over the years, I was not surprised to see that his liver has been working overtime.
Another item of confirmation for me, was when Brendon's lungs came up as being a weak area. I had actually forgotten about this, but we always have to be very careful with Brendon's chest as he has gotten pleurisy many times over the years (inflammation in the lining of the lungs). One year he didn't even get a cold but had it just go straight to his chest.

Each personal remedy is tested to that person to find the ideal number of drops (ranging in our family between 2 and 6 drops) and ideal number of weeks to be on them (ranging in our family from 3 to 5 weeks). Then you wait for at least 2 weeks before having a follow up. So we will have a few more follow up appointments in August (Rachel and Hezekiah not even needing them).
From how well Hannah has been doing this last month I am feeling so very positive about this being the way forward for us. The FAILSAFE diet got us "symptom" free, but the diet is so very restrictive and we are all desperate for change. It is also not necessarily helping the body to heal, so now I feel we are actually moving forward.

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