Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wonderful input from others

Wed 30 March: I took some photos for the Playroom specialist this morning, so I will share them here too. These soft see-through balls are so much tactile fun.
The teacher is specifically encouraging Asher to use the cutlery that she loves sorting and packing. Showing her that they can be played with in different ways too.
And then she decided she just wanted to squash a few.

Last week the teacher showed Asher how to put paint on her hands and then do hand prints. So it was lovely today to see her happily putting the paint on her own hands.
And making hand prints.
The occupational therapist always has such a lovely range of games for Asher to play. She enjoys hockey.

BELOW: Friday 1st April: Brendon took the day off so that I could attend the woman's "Refill your cup" event in Amberley. As you can see, it was really well attended. It was a lovely morning of encouragement and entertainment.

Our April photo.
Sunday 3rd April: Asher and Hezekiah both enjoy the musical alphabet on the fridge. Asher is often spotted organizing the letters in their colour groups.
Hezekiah was thrilled with their creation at Sunday school today. He just had to make an angel out of extra play dough that he brought home, so Ruth helped him.
Complete with the tomb and grave clothes.

And then Brendon and I got busy preparing things for the container. We were blessed to be given timber for the frame (that we will put inside the wall). The pieces were too short though, so we sorted them out today and got them joined and ready for hopefully using next weekend.
Hannah was the photographer this afternoon. And Hezekiah enjoyed using the timber as a obstacle course.
Rachel had a long day out helping on the ambulance at a trail bike event. There were a couple of broken bones and she got to treat a cut on a forehead. We are so thankful to our paramedic neighbour for organizing that Rachel could join her for the day.
Someone gave us this teddy and we decided to give it to Shadow. She is SO pleased. It doesn't look like it will get ripped at all. She just loves it and often sits with it like this. It's so sweet.
 It's also so cute to watch Little Miss grooming Shadow. She often licks her face, but I had a good chuckle today when I saw her grooming Shadow's body.

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