Sunday, April 24, 2016

Play, park, paint and puzzles

Thursday 21st: I made the point of getting out to take a photo of the container this morning (rather than just from the kitchen window). Curtain rails and curtains are up and the girls have "moved in". Even though it's still one long room, they don't mind.
School holidays and so nice to see these three playing together so nicely. Ruth has a whole list of things that she wants to do through these holidays. Her hope is that by being kept busy the time will go quickly. She is very excited about starting school next term.
She will be attending for at least 1 term as a trial. After the term she will need to decide if she wants to stay at the school or continue with home schooling.
This is Rachel's side of the container. She bought herself a nice wardrobe and the curtains for herself and Ruth.
These two enjoying a nap together this evening. I just love how Little Miss gets up close for a cuddle.
Friday 22nd: As a holiday treat, Rachel bought tickets for Brendon and the 4 older children to go and watch Zootopia. I got to see the trailer when I took them to the movies on Easter Weekend. This was the scene that was so much fun.

Asher having some fun with me before bed.

Saturday 23rd: Off to a 2nd birthday party this morning. They had a jumping castle which was a hit. Asher did enjoy jumping as well as playing with the clip. :-) The theme was Minions and all the food was brilliants done to fit the theme.

Sunday 24th: Rachel offered to help a mother at church this morning and so she got her to hold her little 2 week old baby for a bit.

I managed to get a photo of these beautiful trees on our way home from church. We had enjoyed spotting all the "purple" trees last week.
Keeping with our new tradition we stopped at a different play ground on the way home from church. Nothing like having Asher show Hezekiah that a very long slide was safe. Brendon had to actually give her a good push to get her to reach the bottom.

It was fun hearing the different game ideas that were being created.
These logs inspired a family photo. Just a pity I didn't realize Rachel was a bit hidden (otherwise I would have taken another).
The children requested a "crazy" one - so we did take another.
In the afternoon Rachel, Ruth and I got working on painting the container. The metal primer's smell didn't fade and we got confirmation from a paint expert yesterday, that once a "normal" layer of paint was on, it would be fine. So we didn't delay. I was thrilled that we got the whole thing done this afternoon.
Asher wanted a very big pile of puzzles this evening. Once she had tipped them all out I arranged them around her so that she could reach them all. And after she had finished these 14, she asked for the rest of the puzzles that I hadn't included. It's amazing how therapeutic this is for her.

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