Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fun with Dad, a door and a floor

Brendon worked this morning but was home early enough to take Hezekiah to the park before lunch.
It's always fun to hear all about it when they get home.
I was impressed with these photos and even asked Brendon how he managed. I was pleased to hear it's not just me that has to climb all the way to the top to get the seat up. Brendon just left him up there sitting on it, while he climbed down and got ready with the camera. Such nice photos.

It was especially fun to hear how many activities Hezkeiah did with Dad, that he had done with me when we went. The pretend tennis match with Dad sounded like it was much more impressive than the one with me. And check out the great photo Brendon took.
What precious memories.
Ruth was off at St John Competitions the whole day. Rachel went with to judge. Thankfully they both stayed at friends on Friday night so that I didn't have to leave at 6:45 to get them to their lift on time.
Unfortunately the teams didn't do very well. They are hoping the teams will be changed up for the next set of competitions in a couple of months.
I wanted to make sure I got a clear photo of what the floor of an ex-refrigerated container looks like. This is so that if there is any condensation, the water will sit below the floor. So putting a basic floor in is needed.
Brendon and I spent some time arranging the floor boards we had. We were given them, so didn't complain that we had a couple of different thicknesses. Ruth had also hoped to have the heart she painted in her room, so Brendon patiently allowed me to move a few boards around so that she had her heart. The last board will have to be cut to size as we don't need the whole width of it.
Tobias came around after lunch to install the door. The container is not perfectly straight, so it was a bigger job than they anticipated. Eventually they were done and got onto putting expandable foam in all the bigger gaps.
Some of the windows needed some too.
Left: Some areas of the framing was a nice tight fit.
But other areas needed a bit of foam to help fill the gaps.
So good to finally have that done. The architraves then went around the inside and made it look really good. Now to just get the door cleaned.....
Before applying the expandable foam, you need to spray the area with water. The water spray ended up being played with. Hezekiah got a little upset about being sprayed, so we made a bigger game of it and he had fun trying to spray Dad.

Thankfully Asher sat playing with flowers in her pram for a little while, so I could be out there with the guys for a time. Then we headed off to pick up the older girls while the work continued.
Another "into the dark" day of work, getting the floorboards glued and screwed. I'm so thankfully they could get it all done today. The girls are already talking about moving in. :-)

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