Sunday, March 27, 2016

Painting, seizures and karate

Sunday 20th: Even though we have a long morning with travelling into town for church, it's great that we still have energy to get some relaxing things done through the afternoon. It's also great to get some time with the children and I'm glad Ruth is happy to do "work" for our Parent-child outing. We were pleased with how much we got done too.
There was some grey on the container that covered the previous owners business logos ect. So we made sure the entire container was covered in a primer. Great that we had grey to match what they had put on.
I also got working today on planning the container so that we know how we need to space the door and 3 windows we want to install. The bedrooms are each 3,5m long, allowing for a nice big "lounge area". There is enough room to eventually add a shower and toilet (if we can work out how to do that without major plumbing work).
On Sunday evening Asher had a short vacant episode. She again just slowly moved to Brenodn for a cuddle and couldn't talk. Thankfully it only lasted around a minute and then she seemed fine again.

Monday 21st: Finally I can get a photo with all of them in their blue belts. So proud of them all.

Hannah pulling a funny face in this one - so I took another.
Cant' decide which one I like more - so will include them both.
Wednesday 23rd: Enjoying some finger painting with some direction from the Play room specialist on making hand prints.

I don't get many photos from Tuesday and Thursday each week because they are such busy days. On Tuesday I head out with Rachel and Ruth at 3:45 to get Rachel to her ballet practice. Then they both go to St John before finally getting home after 8pm.
On Wednesday we also have a very busy day, but I always try to take at least one photo at Champion Centre. We have a little break after lunch and then it's Guides for Ruth and then as soon as we are back they head out to Karate.
On Thursday I head off with the older to at 3:14 for Ruth's jazz and ballet and Rachel's ballet. We are thankfully home a bit earlier (around 7). So our weeks fly by with the business during school term. It's one reason I really look forward to the holidays. A break from all the travelling.
Saturday 26th: At 6:30 this morning Asher had a 1 minute Tonic seizure. It's been quite a while since she has had an early morning one. She wasn't breathing well, so I was glad it was so short.
It was lovely to have a friend pop over for a visit in the morning with her baby and two boys. Hezekiah had a great time playing with them. Asher decided to try out the baby's chair.
Just before my friend left, at 11:15, Asher had a 1 1/2 minute Tonic Clonic seizure where she again didn't breath well. She was awake after her nap for lunch and we wondered if she would miss her afternoon nap. She was still tired though and took herself off for her nap after lunch (although she didn't eat much).

Not long after her nap, at 3:45pm, she had a 1 minute Tonic Clonic. Her temperature was slightly up through the afternoon. She had started with a runny nose over night, so weren't too surprised when the slight fever started.
At 5:15 she had another 1 minute Tonic Clonic seizure, bringing it to 4 in the day. This is the point where we start wondering if we will have to head in to hospital. Brendon was comfortable to just wait and see how it went through the night, saying that if there was another during the night we may have to head in.

Asher's day was really all mixed up. She had slept so much through the day that we were not too surprised when she woke up and wanted to build puzzles at 9pm (picture above). Eventually at 10 we told her it was bedtime - as we wanted to head to bed. Thankfully there were no more seizures overnight. She still had a fever in the morning so we didn't go to church.
Sunday 27th: So Ruth headed out in the morning to get the last of the floor boards painted. The friend that came for a visit yesterday had some extra paint that she brought for us.
And then in the afternoon Brendon and Rachel had their "parent-child outing" in the garden - painting the top of the container with the primer. I wasn't sure how I felt about the girls doing these "jobs" with us for their "outing" but then I realized today when the other girls wanted to join in - that it is still a special time of doing something together.
"God is not Dead 2" is going to be on at the movies in May and I had originally thought it would be nice for Brendon and I to go with the older girls. I couldn't work out how we could practically do that though (trying to find someone to watch Asher without one of us here). So I came up with a new plan. Brendon and I will go to the movie on our own in May (as it's our anniversary in May too) and we would treat the children to a movie.
The agreed movie was Kung Fu Panda 3 and when the 3 younger ones said they wanted to go in their Karate gi - Brendon said he was happy for me to take them. :-) He had taken Rachel to watch the Hobit in her cloak and with elf ears - so he had decided that was enough of dress up at the movies for him.
Hezekiah has never been and Hannah was very young for the one movie she got to watch. So it was quite funny hearing all their questions about it on the trip in (Hannah asked if it was like a big TV). Hezekiah had a nice booster seat - so he could see nicely. He keeps calling it a TV theatre.
It was a very last minute decision to head in today, but we thought it was nice to have something special on this long weekend - especially as Brendon was working on Monday. It was also a rough day on Saturday with all of Asher's seizures, so it as nice to have something fun and relaxing to do with them.

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