Saturday, March 5, 2016

Book, ballet and balls

Thursday 3rd March: I specifically took the camera with for our walk today. I need to get a collection of photos for Asher's new "word book" that I am making for her. Sweet photo though. Such a happy girl - especially when she is out for a walk.
Friday 4th March. We were invited to a birthday morning tea and I was so glad that I had a friend coming over to give me some carer support time. I asked her if she was ok coming to the party with us and it was such a help. She could follow Asher around outside (which was most of the time we were there) and I actually got to chat to the other mothers for a bit.
It was nice that Asher could be with (rather than just staying at home with my friend) as she got to enjoy a new environment as well as this lovely dog.
Hezekiah was pleased to be at the party too. I worried I wouldn't get a photo of him - so quickly got this one of him playing outside. It's always fun to check out a friend's collection of toys. :-)
Ruth enjoyed getting a cuddle with the baby.

Present time is always so much fun - for all of the children. :-)
It's Guide Biscuit time of year again. Thankfully we did a quick dash of selling and managed to sell more than expected. At least we can contribute to the fundraising in this way (as going out to help at events is really hard for me with Asher).
I have been reading this series to Ruth (although she read the first one in the December holidays). We finished off the last book yesterday at ballet (while we wait for Rachel). It was a lovely series and we all enjoyed it (Rachel too - who flew through all 4 books in December).
Other photos needed for Asher's new book were ones of body parts. So I wanted to get a photo with her smiling - showing her teeth (so I could crop the photo and use her teeth). They ended up being such cute photos of her though - that I can't help but include them here.

This evening I managed to get the monthly children photo.

Saturday 5th March: Rachel's ballet teacher took the class into town today to buy their point shoes. Rachel has been looking forward to this for so many years now.
It wasn't long after getting home that she started the process of attaching the elastic and lace (which needs to be fitted to the individual - so it's not done by the shop).

Hezekiah really wanted to have some soccer practice today because he has a new "soccer shirt". So this evening he and Dad headed out.

It wasn't long before the girls were outside too.
It's good to get to enjoy the warm evenings while we can. It won't be long before it's dark by this time (just 6:30).

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