Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wood cut and books read

Saturday 30th: Hezekiah enjoying having all three kittens sleeping on his lap.
We were so thankful to Tobias for being willing to come this morning to help Brendon get the floor boards cut for the container.

Just as he arrived Asher had a seizure. 6 1/2 minute vacant seizure. Thankfully one of the girls came in and could get her 5 minute medication for me. Just as I had it ready to give, the seizure stopped, so we were very thankful for that.
It did make me realize that having Shadow trained to fetch her bag (where the medication is kept) will be a good idea for those times I am alone with her.
So helpful to have all the right tools and all the know how on how to do it properly.

In the afternoon I headed down to Amberley Library with Ruth and Hannah for their "party". They were a part of the reading program over the summer holidays, and because they completed all their reading, they were invited to this party.
They had entertainment by Elgregoe and he was very good.
It was lovely that he had a live parrot. When he spoke about the parrot I thought it would be a puppet. :-)

Hannah was sitting right in the front and was very pleased to be the first volunteer called up. She had scarves pulled out of her sleeves.
He is a very good ventriloquist and we all enjoyed this part of the show.
Then Ruth got to be a part of the show too. This "book" looked empty (and she leaned forward and had a good look at it), but he kept pulling word boards out when it was closed, as well as a very long scarf.

And he had a live rabbit too. And what a well behaved one too.
It was a great show and Hannah especially enjoyed all the jokes. She laughed so much.
And then it was time for certificates. Ruth got a nice surprise and won one of the 3 colouring in prizes. She won a $20 book voucher.
Hannah going up for her certificate.
Ruth got this highlighter when she volunteered.
Ruth with her certificate, voucher and gift. All the children also got little noughts and crosses games.
After dinner I decided to get some weeding done. Ruth was a huge help and then Hannah and Hezekiah joined in too. We cleared so much. Two very full wheelbarrows full. I wished I had taken a before photo. :-)
Sunday 31st: Dog training has started up again and today I got this award. It was going to be handed out at the year end function, but it got cancelled due to rain. Needless to say, the trainers are pleased the progress I am making. :-)
I stayed at home with the three younger children this evening while Brendon when to church with the older two. I let Hannah and Hezekiah watch a bible movie while the others are out. So Hannah got to enjoy some kitten cuddle time while watching.
Sweet "Little Miss" - the kitten that we are planning on keeping.

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