Monday, January 25, 2016

Kittens and karate

Saturday 23rd: Ruth enjoying photographing the kittens.
In the afternoon, Rachel, Ruth and I headed off to a surprise 15th birthday party.
Thankfully there were a few girls that my girls knew, so they soon relaxed and had a good time.
We were asked to bring some ideas with for making a scrapbook for the girl. This was the page that Rachel and I worked together on.
It was rather difficult for me to adjust from always doing my scrap booking digitally.
Especially when it came to choosing a font. It took me ages to decided what handwriting I wanted to use. ;-)
Ruth made her own page.
In the evening we had so much fun watching the kittens playing.
Sunday 24th: They all enjoy drinking milk from a bowl now (even though Puss is still feeding them) and they are all eating cat food too.
Asher enjoying a little cuddle.
Giving a kiss.
The cactis that Ruth planted in December for a Brownie project has flowered. The plant itself is not looking wonderfully healthy and I wonder if that's because it has gotten a bit too much rain lately.
In the afternoon Brendon and Rachel headed off to the garage (as it was a bit wet out) and worked through all their karate katas in preparation for their upcoming grading.
Monday 25th: Shadow gets up with Brendon (around 4am) and then stays in the dinning room until the rest of us are up. Brendon took this photo this morning before he left. One morning all the kittens and Puss joined her on her pillow.
They are loving the cat tree. We just have to fit the top that broke. It's not stopping them from having so much fun though. At one point they were running around in a circle on the top here, chasing each other's tails.
Ruth made a lego house for the kittens.
The kittens are bigger than she though though.
Enjoying a nap together.
The house Ruth build for Hannah and Hezekiah to play with. She then got our lego soccer set out and built that. (I forgot to take a photo).

And I finally have a karate gi and belt for each of them. I have managed to buy a bigger gi for Hannah, so haven't put her badge on this set yet. Hezekiah is excited about being able to have her gi once the new one arrives. He can only start karate once he is 5. At this stage they are practising for 2 hours twice a week as they have grading coming up at the end of February.
Their sensei is hoping to get Brendon and Rachel to skip white, white tab, blue, and blue tab and go straight for Yellow. He warned them that the examiner may not be willing to jump that many though (even though he is strict and feels they are good enough). They will at least jump to blue.
3 sweet kittens. They are 5 1/2 weeks old now. So not long before at least 2 of them will have to find a new home.

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