Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Clip n Climb

Brendon had this week off. We had hoped to take the kids to the beach one morning, but it ended up being a wet and windy week. We aren't complaining, the rain was very much needed.
It just meant we wanted to come up with another idea - just to be able to do something different with the kids this week. So clip n climb it was.
Ruth up very quickly.
Brendon and Rachel had a race. I only managed to get the photo once Brendon was already on his way down.
LEFT: Hannah giving it a go. She didn't like the idea of letting go to come down, but rather climbed back down. So she didn't go to high.

RIGHT: Brendon having a go at the overhang. It's a real workout.
Rachel and Ruth having a race.
Rachel does have a hight advantage. They were both really quick.
Ruth encouraging Hannah to do a bit more climbing, by climbing next to her here.
We had paid for Hezekiah and Asher to climb, but ended up getting a refund afterwards as they didn't get into it. Asher was keen to climb, but didn't like the feeling of being pulled up by the ropes attached in front of her. Hezekiah was so determined to climb today, but was just too scared. He didn't get to try the easiest ones first unfortunately, as it was so busy. I was also too busy running around after Asher, and trying to get a few photos, so couldn't just stand in line with him at the easier walls.
Rachel wanted to do the leap of faith so had bought a ticket when we arrived. It's a high climb - 7 meter up.

Asher was quite a handful until the extra harnesses came out for the leap of faith. They were happy to just give her an extra one to play with, and she sat clicking and un-clicking it for ages.

Rachel said it was possibly a bit too close for her. She managed to get her fingers around it but as she swung she just slipped off. So the timing of the photo was great - proof that she did get her fringes around it (we couldn't see it live as it was so quick).
Brendon then headed for his turn. With it being his birthday tomorrow, he got a free jump. They moved it so far, at least 8 or 9 feet away.
My timing wasn't great on this one. I didn't have time to set it up to take a few photos in a row. That would have been nice to see. Even though it was so far away, he made it - and swung there for a while before letting go and dropping down. He said it was very scary. The adrenalin was pumping as soon as he got to the top of the ladder.
And then time was up - and everyone had one last climb. I left Hannah here to get a photo of Ruth and she told me afterwards that she managed to let go and use the rope to lower her. She was upset that she left it so long to try, as she enjoyed it. Hopefully next time she will get into the "coming down" more quickly. That will probably give her the courage to climb higher.
Ruth's last climb.
A fun day with great memories. Ruth wants to do the leap of faith next time. :-)

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