Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bubbles, bottles and Brownie badges

Saturday 28th: The girls enjoyed having Brooke come over for a play today. The sand pit desperately needs more sand, but the girls enjoyed it anyway.
Sunday 29th: Rachel had a ballet practice in Leighfield today. Her teacher was overseas for 3 weeks, and so they have a few extra practices to make up for it. The concert is only a couple of weeks away now.
So I asked Hannah if she wanted to join me and enjoy a different area for our "parent child" outing. She was a bit nervous about this big slide, but soon realized that it was not steep at all, so she had to push her way down it. :-)
The school playground is nice and high up - so we got a nice photo from up there. It was really cold though. I had to walk down to the car to get my jacket.
Hannah had loads of fun. She said it felt like she was on an activity of Survivor. The children don't get to watch much of Survivor (Brendon and I record it for ourselves to watch). There have been the odd occasion that we let them watch some of the activities though. So I thought that was an interesting comparison. It was a lovely big and adventurous play group.
The climbing wall prooved too hard. At least without shoes on. She couldn't get much higher than this. It did make her talk about going back to Clip and Climb though. She wants to give that a go again.
This afternoon we watched another episode of Star Wars. A friend has graciously lent us his whole set and we are really enjoying watching them as a family.
They are long movies though, so it was still going when Asher woke from her nap. Thankfully she created a new game where she unpacked the toy basket, carefully placing each toy on a specific spot on the carpet. It kept her busy long enough for us to finish the movie. :-)
We have a few Star Wars fans in the home now. We have all really enjoyed watching them.
Monday 30th: Hezekiah had his "before school" check at the nurse today. He was so pleased with the packet of things he brought home with him. Especially his blue pencil and eraser.
Tue 1st Dec: Our monthly children photo.
Hezekiah and Asher came up with a new game today. They played really nicely with the set of indoor bowling balls (which are quite heavy). Asher saw Hezekiah using this toy honey pot to hold them and throw them, so she copied him.
Ruth spotted this rainbow just as she was heading to bed, so asked me to take a photo. :-)
Wednesday 2nd: Ruth has been working at a load of Brownie badges over the last few weeks. Today the others got to enjoy her bubble experiments. They made this cool bubble blowers with a sock pulled over a cut bottle (just cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and slip the sock over that end). They dip the sock into the bubble mix and then blow on the bottle. Just keep reminding the little ones to not breath in while the bottle is over their mouth. ;-)
They were so full of bubbles that they ended up having to go and bath or shower to get it all off.
Asher was walking around outside with Brendon when a Tonic Clonic seizure started. Thankfully this time she didn't bump herself on anything when she fell. She went very blue all around her mouth, so we were thankful that it only lasted about 1 1/2 minutes. She was very tired afterwards, but didn't get her full hour sleep. So this allowed her to get to sleep at her normal bed time.
There have been some really hot days. Asher compromised her desire to have a blanket right over her head and was content with it just on the top of her head.
Thursday 3rd: We haven't made Kombucha for ages, so I decided to move some of the glass bottles we used for that out to the garage. They got put at the back door where Asher found them this morning. I don't think they will be going out any time soon now. She had so much fun with them.
Shadow and I keeping her company while she plays. She would take the lids off, pretend to pour, put lids back on and repeat this over and over again.
This afternoon Ruth got a few more badges. She has now earned all 16 possible individual badges (ones you do at home). So there are now 2 more of those yellow and orange ones for on the back of her sash. She has enough now to fill up that gap on the back too.
It's been a bit of a joke the last 2 weeks at the amount of badges Ruth is collecting. She has worked hard and it's nice that she has accomplished so much in this last term as a Brownie.

Friday 4th: Ruth came with Asher and I to the Champion Centre today. I needed her with to help play with Asher while I did her IP (Individual Plan) with her teachers. And Ruth did a great job. There were a few times we heard Asher giving her a bit of a hard time, but she managed to distract her and get her happy again.
The meeting was myself, the 3 therapists (speech, physio and early intervention teacher), the Team Leader and Family Support person. We arrived at 9am (rather than our normal 10am) so that we could spend that first hour together. I had a list of areas that I could think through and record celebrations, challenges, and goals.
We had a really good time talking through the different areas. I was pleased that I had filled my page with so many things that could be celebrated from the last 6 months. I am also glad that I was able to be honest about the areas where there are real challenges and even more so, the areas that I am struggling with. I got so much encouragement and support from all of the ladies. I am again so very thankful for the opportunity we have to be a part of the Champion Center and all the amazing help and care that we receive.
After the IP it was morning tea and then all the other children had been invited to join for a sensory morning. There are normally 6 children in this group. 3 from 9-10, then morning tea and group singing, and then the other 3 till 12. It ended up being only one other boy joining us.
They had this "musical instrument" for the children to play with too. Asher just loved sitting and strumming (helped by Ruth). It was beautiful to listen to and so soothing for her.

Saturday 5th: Rachel needed a lift down to the Love's for another extra Ballet lesson today. So Brendon and Ruth headed out for their "parent child" outing. They went geocaching. They found 2, but forgot to take ANY photos. :-)
When they got home the extended their time together and prepared the Paua that we had been given the night before. Lots of work outside before it was brought in to get thinly sliced.
I took the opportunity to get a photo. :-)
They did a great job of it too. It tasted really good. Ruth, Brendon and I really enjoyed it. Ruth so much so that she said she wants to save up some money to ask the friend if she can buy more from him. :-)
Hannah and Hezekiah didn't want to try it. Asher was having her afternoon nap. Rachel gave it a try when she got home but it wasn't as nice having gotten a bit cold (and then heated up). It had gotten a bit tough. If it does every get made again I am sure Rachel will like it more. I think she did really well in just giving it a try. :-)
The next step will be to find out what you do with the shells. :-)

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