Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 comes to an end

Monday 28th: One of Hezekiah's gifts was a book of dinosaurs - with push out paper dinosaurs that you build - like a paper plane. I made a second one with him today so that both he and Hannah could have one to play with. He has already had so much fun with them. It's so sweet to hear the little conversations that happen between him and the dinosaurs. He has such a great imagination.
This morning Asher had her "Look at me I'm moving" DVD on and Ruth got the others to join in with this floor activity.
Shadow getting some time close to the kittens. She really does want to just lick and love them.
Tuesday 29th: A neighbour was having a clean out and asked if we wanted some sleeping bags. The children were thrilled. And they have come at the perfect time as we are short for the church camp coming up in Feb. Hezekiah was so pleased with his BLUE one.
Back to the pool this afternoon. Hannah didn't want her "floating" togs today, and had a go with some wings. Just giving her a little bit of extra help.
Asher sure does enjoy this game.
We are so pleased she has been able to enjoy the pool so much over this last week. Last summer it got to the point where she would have a seizure within minutes of her getting in the water. So the glasses do seem to be helping.
Dad with his three little monkeys. We tried the vest on Asher, but it's way to big. I think if she had one that fitted, she would be off. She is a little fish in the water and kicks so well. She just wants to swim.
Hopefully it won't be too long before Hezekiah gets the courage to join in the fun in the "big pool".
In the evening Ruth and Hezekiah went with Brendon to pick up some tiles that I managed to get (for free). We are confident we can create a mosaic with them for the living area of the container. There aren't enough to do the whole floor with one type, but it may look nice having a bit of a pattern.
Wednesday 30th: Asher's new game.
We picked up this album for free at the shops the other day. Thankfully we did have a complete set of dominoes to fill it. Asher discovered it today and has so much fun taking them all out. She tries to put them back, but her interest gets lost after just a few. I know in time she will do more of the packing back.
She also enjoys playing with Dad's Christmas present. His Dad had one of these games, so when I spotted one at the Leithfield street market day, I thought it would be a really special gift for him.
This evening at 7:15 (just before bed) Asher had a 1 1/2 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. We are so pleased that she has had a wonderful 16 day break.
Interestingly, this brings the total seizures for 2015 up to 89. In 2014 she also had 89 seizures. Many children with Dravet Syndrome can have a very big increase in seizures after they are 2, so this makes us especially thankful for how well this year has gone.
Thursday 31st: With less than a week till the start of Jamboree, it's time for Ruth to practice packing. She is so excited.
Back to the pool this afternoon. Hezekiah using his pool noodle as a "blue horse".
We had the pool almost to ourselves again.
Hezekiah showing me that he can lift his feet off the bottom of the pool. Hopefully this will help him get motivated to join the others in the big pool again.
And just like that the year comes to a close. The year has had it's challenges, but we continually see God's provision and the lessons He has for us through the trials.

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