Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Tooth Fairy Play

In celebration of Hannah's wiggly tooth finally coming out, the middle 3 put on a play.
We were invited and told where we could collect tickets.
We were also informed that we had to have a ticket to be let in. :-)
In the play Hezekiah was the child who had lost his tooth and who got visited by 2 tooth fairies.
Then we got to see the fairies dancing.
Hannah looked so series and Hezekiah couldn't help smiling. :-)
And some more dancing.

And then the child got to dance with the fairies too.
Well done Ruth, Hannah and Hezekiah. It was a great production.

PS: The first photo was actually at the end of the play, when they curtsied and bowed.
PPS: We don't do the "tooth fairy" or "tooth mouse". The children know the story though (and that it is just a story), so it was fun that they could enjoy it in this way.
PPPS: Hezekiah wasn't in his pjs the whole day. He had to specifically put them on for the play. ;-)

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