Saturday, October 17, 2015

New bed, new blanket and new hobby

Monday 12th: Asher has been enjoying playing in her cot lately. She throws all of her toys and blankets out and then asks that they be put back in (she says "more" but we know what she wants). They go in and out, in and out.
And Shadow patiently lies there, even when she is covered in blankets.
Tuesday 13th: Asher has this little band with a clip that she thinks looks very similar to the halti I put on Shadow when we go for our (almost) daily walks.
It was so cute watching Asher trying to put it on Shadow today. Shadow sitting so patiently with her. Just enjoying the attention. So sweet.
And for anyone wondering, we always watch Asher really carefully when she sits close to Shadow's face. We make sure she is not frustrating Shadow at all and that Shadow is always comfortable.
Children are always taught to not go close to a dog's face, and I do understand that. This is very special bonding time for these two though.
Wednesday 14th. Today I decided it was time to take the one side off Asher's cot. She is just too heavy for me to lift her in and out. Especially lifting her out when she is lying down. She is thrilled with her "new" bed.
Ruth helped me with it (we had to turn the cot around as we had the removable side against the wall before). She also decided that now that it was more like a real bed, she needed a pillow. So we found a thin one and put a cat pillow case on it. Asher was very pleased with that too.
Ruth needed a camp fire blanket for Jamboree and we got that sorted this week. We got a lovely "mostly" wool one (not 100% wool so that it isn't too scratchy). We designed the neck so that it could easily get over her head (and all her hair) but still sit nicely on her shoulders. It was fun working on it together. The badges are tacked on, and we will get them sewn on over the next couple of weeks.
Ruth then called Hannah over to pose with her. What a great photo of them. So special.
Hannah has decided to stop Brownies. She enjoyed playing with the girls, but was never really interested in badges and doing anything else.
On Thursday morning (15th) Asher had a 2 minute vacant episode. She was on the tramp ladder and just froze.
Friday 16th: Bubble fun at Champion Centre. Asher is still not able to sit through the whole group singing time. Thankfully the bubbles draws her back to the group. :-)
Unfortunately at 11:45, while still at Champion Centre, Asher had a 2 minute vacant seizure. The physiotherapist was playing with her in the sandpit when it started. I was standing nearby chatting to a social worker. The physio noticed the seizure as soon as it started - even though it was just a vacant one. So it was really good for me to know that others can also see when these "quieter" ones start. Asher did eventually go quite blue as her breathing was not great. Thankfully she pinked up quickly once it stopped.
This afternoon Ruth and I quickly popped out to look for our first Geocache. She needed to find one for a Brownie badge (about treasure), and the idea of it really appeals to Ruth.
I think finding Geocaches may be her chosen "parent child outing" in the months ahead. :-) I think she has found a new hobby.
Saturday 17th: Such a cutie. I didn't pack my shoes away after our walk. Any time shoes are left around she will enjoy trying them on. :-)
Ruth and Hezekiah designed a race track on the deck this morning.
Hannah joined in too. So much fun.
Ruth's arrangement of her food today - Master Chef inspired. :-)
Asher does love helping me with the washing, but as soon as the basket was empty today, she decided it would be fun to climb in. The dear girl always tries to fix that gap though. The basket was a wedding present, so not bad for over 18 years old.
Hezekiah and I had fun at the Waipara park today. Rachel went to the doc yesterday for the cold / cough that she has been struggling with this week. He explained that there is swelling in her nose, and so all the mucus is going down onto her chest. Unfortunatley only 1 of the 2 medications arrived in the post this morning, so Hezekiah and I went to fetch the 2nd one this afternoon (and the reason for the park visit a bit further away from home).
On that note - the combination of the two medications worked really well and Rachel felt so much better already on Sunday.
I do love this photo of Hezekiah. I'm not thrilled with my "double chin" though - I really need to work on not looking down like that at the camera for our selfies. ;-) My hair makes me look old enough, I don't need a fake double chin too.
So we got this photo too. Such a sweet boy.
I took this photo of my hand of cards this evening. I could not believe I could have so many change colour cards in one hand.

The only problem was I had been made to pick up, so I lost with all these in my hand.

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