Monday, September 21, 2015

Hedge repair started and a cat up a pole

Friday 18th: I always like sneaking the camera out to get a photo of Shadow lying peacefully next to Asher as she plays. We do want to encourage Shadow to "shadow" Asher, so it's great when she chooses to go and spend a bit of time close to her.
Brendon only just managed to get himself into the van today to go and buy some plans. He still can't bend the leg much at all, but it was nice for him to get out. It was also only possible because of the van being an automatic. He just had to get the leg in. Then it could just sit. There is no way he would have been able to use a clutch yet.
Brendon has been wanting to replace the hedge we lost for a while now, so when we saw a great "spring special" at a nursery, we decided to make a plan. We had already stopped in at a nursery last Friday on our way to Champion Centre. So Brendon and I had already looked at different options and spotted one we thought would be a nice option. We were so glad we didn't have time to buy them last week, as we got more than double the amount of plans with the special at the other place.
Ruth was very happy to help offload, and Hezekiah got out there too. We placed the Viburnum tinus bushes along the East fence, spacing them out as to where they need to go.
Yes, I did get my measuring tape out later and make sure they were properly spaced. ;-)
Hannah headed out for a bit too to help with the planting. They got 4 planted before lunch and then I got another 4 done in the afternoon. It was rather hard for Brendon as he was not able to bend down and do it. And I din't want him to overdo things and make his knee even more stiff. So at least he got a little bit of exercise and fresh air, and we made a great start.
Saturday 19th: Ruth and Rachel were due to head off to a St John camp this weekend but Ruth started struggling with a head cold on Thursday. By Thursday evening she was sounding so much worse that we had to let them know she would not be able to make it. It wasn't fare on all the people she would be travelling with, if she gave all of them a cold.
Thankfully by Saturday morning she was actually feeling much better. After lunch, Brendon and Ruth headed off to the tea rooms.
They took a few games with to plan and Ruth even took some carob powder and the owner happily made her a "hot chocolate" with the carob powder (it's a chocolate replacement that we have been using on the FAILSAFE diet).
I was so glad she could get this special time this weekend. I felt so bad for her having to miss out on camp. So I tried to make the weekend as special as possible for her. She didn't even have to do any dishes the whole weekend (as I would have been doing them anyway if she was away).
She missed Rachel a lot though, and wrote a diary to her through the weekend.
Sunday 20th: Hezekiah playing with his cars and using Shadow as a ramp. She enjoyed the attention.
Ruth put a lot of effort into her "Welcome Home" cards and present for Rachel. She misses her so much when she is away. And although they don't always get along wonderfully, Ruth expressed her desire for them to be good friends. And I was thrilled with how well they got on once Rachel was back.
I was especially glad that Ruth was not jealous that Rachel had gotten to go to camp and she had missed out. She had been looking forward to the camp for many weeks. So it was a great disappointment for her to not go. She showed much maturity in how she handled the disappointment though, and I am so thankful for that.
Monday 21st: Brendon and Ruth headed out to get a few more plants in. Brendon could not manage for long though, so I took over and it was good to get them all in.
Ruth always enjoys helping in the garden and she did a great job too.
Brendon managed to get the North bed ready. At least with using the rotary hoe, he didn't need to bend his leg much. And it wasn't long before those plants were in too. He managed to buy the same as what the original hedge was, so we can just fill in the gaps where the trees died. And they were only $3 each. So we are thrilled with the low price we paid for all the plants.
While Ruth and I were busy, we watched Patches run up the power pole. We had tried to call her down, but she just kept going.
And there was nothing scaring her up there. I think she might have been after a bird she had spotted.
Such a long way up.
She looked like she wanted to come down and tried a few times but gave up. We were wondering if we would need to call the fire brigade to help get her down. But decided to wait at least 10 minutes to see if she managed on her own.
While we were waiting, Ruth took this photo of the sky. She often notices the different clouds.
Less than 10 minutes later she did manage to get herself down. We were all rather thankful to see her safely on the ground again.
It was quite something watching her come down.

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