Friday, July 10, 2015

Our new floor

So while we were in town on Wednesday morning, the old damaged vinyl was pulled up and the floor was prepared for the new vinyl.
A pair of pants had been forgotten in the laundry tub where the water from the machine goes out - and so we had a "flood" in the house a couple of months back while I was in hospital with Asher. The water had damaged the glue of the vinyl and so it was bubbling up all over the place. We were so very thankful that our house insurance covered having it fixed.
Asher thought it was a lovely empty room to play in.
Extra work in repairing / preparing the floor had to be done in the laundry and entrance. We had not moved the washing machine after the "flood" but just dried the floor around it. We didn't realize how much the water had affected this area. We knew the entrance was bad though as we could actually feel it moving when we walked over it. So it was good to have that all fixed up.
This is sort of "step two". Step one of making a "stencil" is below of the next section (I wasn't quick enough with my camera at first and then realized the older girls might like to see how it was done).
Thankfully we have the big garage for him to work in. He made the stencil, went to the garage to cut the vinyl, and then came back and rolled it out. I missed getting a photo of him putting the glue on unfortunately. It was quite something to watch him spreading it on the floor.
So here is "step 1". Laying brown paper onto the floor and cutting it to size.
I also missed him rolling it. Once it was glued he made sure it was all nicely in place and then he had a heavy roller that he went over it all with, making sure there were no air bubbles.
I forgot to take a photo on the day - so here is a photo of the finished floor on Friday morning - once we were allowed to move all the appliances back.
Brendon and I went to the carpet shop to choose the vinyl we wanted on our way home from picking him up at the airport after his Oz training week. We had not discussed at all what our preferences were. So I had a nice chuckle when we both chose the same thing - straight away. And we are both very happy with how it turned out.

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