Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sibling fun

On Monday afternoon we headed off to pick Rachel and Ruth up once Asher had finished her nap. Then we had a bit of shopping to get done and got home by 4. Asher has really missed Ruth over the weekend and they had so much fun "playing catch".
They were running so quickly these were the best photos I could get of them. I had to smile when I noticed that both times their feet were in the same positions as each other when I got the photo. And the second one - both of them have big opened mouths. :-) It is a rather loud activity.
They play around this couch too. Asher is really quick with climbing over the side here. Playing a bit of "peek a boo" with the chasing. Such lovely happy sounds.

And time for a monthly children photo too.

It has been a bit chilly this week. Here is my Super Hero heading out to play. For once he has a very serious pose for the photo. Being a Super Hero is obviously a very serious job. :-)
Asher's Champion Centre homework this week was to respond to questions of "show me ..." or "where is ....".
The teacher had suggested using her jacket and boots, but I know she knows where those are and if I even mention them, she will want to go outside. Unfortunately the sun is so low now that it is shining through the hedge on the North side of the trampoline through the morning. So no more jumping for Asher this winter.
And although Asher knows a lot of animals on her puzzles, iPad games and in books, I wanted to have some 3D items to use - so we collected a few animal teddies.
It's been amazing to watch her with this. I will ask her to "show me the duck" and she will look at each teddy's face until she finds the duck. Sometimes she picks up the right one first - but she will still check the face before she looks at me.
Thursday morning I took these photos of Asher playing with Hannah's blanket that had been left in the lounge. It was really sweet to watch her - but I did have to watch carefully - to make sure that she was ok and just playing quietly and not having a seizure.
As soon as I took a photo (it was so cute) she looked up. Then she wanted to say "cheese" for another photo. Unfortunately I didn't have the flash up - so her movement made it fuzzy. A sweet memory though. Such a happy little girl.
We fetch Rachel from work at midday on Thursdays. Today she was rather muddy, and so walked back to the lunch room to get her overalls off and change boots. These three wanted to walk back with her. It was quite an accurate picture getting Hannah mid-air. :-) And so sweet to see Hezekiah holding Rachel's hand as they walked and talked.
Rachel looking a little bit like a marshmallow man with a warm jacket under her overalls. :-)
And then off to Brownies. Hannah says her promise next week - so she is very excited about that.
It was already down to just 3 degrees on our way home. It's getting really chilly.

Long story short - Brendon and Rachel each got Swiss Army Knives today. Second hand ones - but the "real deal". Rachel is thrilled and it's so nice for Brendon to have one after having 3 of his other knives lost by people who had "borrowed" them on the farm.

The woodbox was empty though (and we forgot to do anything about it during the day). So Rachel got her torch hat out. A switch had broken though - so Brendon got it working. I wanted to take a photo (to remember the swiss army knife) and so Brendon put on a face for the photo. ;-)
Ruth borrowed Brendon's hat and they headed out. Thanks girls. It was so nice that you did it and saved Dad from having to head out.
And another fuzzy photo (sorry - cameras just seem to be a pain for me). A cute memory just the same. Asher "hiding" under one of the pillows. Such a cuty.

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