Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our week with Dad away

Monday 15th. I had wondered how Hezekiah would cope this week without Hannah. Those two play so very much together. He was fine though. This evening he heard Rachel hurt herself, so he went over and gave her a hug. Sweet boy.
I had heard about the oat and cream cheese bread and only when a friend told me that it's the bread she eats, did we think it may be worth giving a try. So this was our first attempt and Rachel was very pleased. She has missed bread with the rest of us being off wheat. So this is a great option that everyone can enjoy. Once we have tweaked it to our liking, I will post our recipe.
Tuesday 16th. It was fun to see Asher and Hezekiah playing together more this week. I had made Asher a long row of these shapes and Hezekiah requested a 2nd one so that they could have a sword fight. :-)
My Tuesday dance transport was a little different today. We left a bit early so I could pick Ruth up from the Redepenning's and after I dropped them all off I did shopping with Asher and Hezekiah. It went a lot better than I expected. I am rather used to doing it on my own now. :-)
Hezekiah also then had to be my "eyes on Asher" as we travelled home - he is not often the only other one in the car with the two of us. And he did a good job (he took the job very seriously and sang and played with her).
I had to smile when I packed my shopping away. The last time I needed to stock up on olives, the shop was sold out of the ones we like. So today - I really stocked up. Sorry if I caused the shop to be sold out for anyone else this week.
This is what happens when you have a 2 year old who loves olives and is off many other foods due to the side effects of medication. The one thing Asher will always snack on - is olives.
I then had an evening and morning on my own with my little two. Rachel stayed at the Love's after St John so that I didn't need to get sleeping children out of bed to fetch her. She then caught the school bus with Joanne on Wednesday morning and walked home from the school.
It was a nice opportunity for her to test out her new purchase - a Kathmandu jacket. It was a very frosty morning and she said it kept her nice and warm. She didn't have any gloves with, so she kept switching hands that held the packet - and the other hand stayed nice and warm in the jacket pocket. It is such a blessing that she is able to work and earn some money for special purchases like this. She was also thrilled that she got the jacket at such a good price. Originally $500 she only paid $150. She wants to know she has a nice warm jacket for her trip up North in July. And it's amazing how small the jacket folds down to (it even comes with a little back to pack it in).
We had some cream that needed to be used up, so when a friend mentioned popping over for a visit - we asked that she come in the afternoon, and we enjoyed this for afternoon tea. We had a few sugar free meringues left, so it was a good excuse to use them up.
Thursday 18th. Rachel was off at work this morning and so it was just Asher, Hezekiah and I again. We did however have a lady from Life Links come and visit from 10 till midday.
Hezekiah was very well behaved and the lady got to see how very busy Asher is. She came to fill in some paperwork but it ended up being a very encouraging visit.

Then we headed to the farm to fetch Rachel. Hezekiah insisted on wearing his overalls and boots. He often talks about working on the farm when he is bigger.
I smile every time I look at this photo. So very precious.
And just like that, the week is almost over. The plan was Champion Centre of Friday morning and then fetching Brendon on Saturday morning. On Thursday afternoon I wasn't sure how much plans would change with all the talk of snow. But I will leave Thursday evening, and the arrival of the snow, for the next post.

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