Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our igloo lasted the whole week

Sunday 21st: Igloo looking nice and strong.
Asher enjoying pork belly strips for lunch. She doesn't often eat meat lately (with the medication effecting her appetite) so this got us all very pleased. She enjoyed eating off the bone - just like her brother (below). Every time Ruth got the camera - she stopped eating and said "cheese". :-)

On Sunday night once the others were off to church I was surprised that Asher wanted to play with these shapes again. She hasn't played with them in a while. I found it interesting to watch her sort the different shapes and colours.
Monday 22nd: Igloo still nice and strong.
Brendon had a really long day at work today and only got home close to 6pm. At 5:30 (after dinner) Asher was sitting watching a movie and I was getting some things done on my computer (sort of next to her). I kept checking on her and she seemed ok (I saw her fingers moving to her mouth). Hezekiah then started playing on the castle in front of her so I went to move it and noticed Asher didn't try to look around me. So I went to her and realized she was having a seizure. She was still semi-conscious (still controlling her hands a bit). It went on for 8 more minutes. 4 of them still vacant and then the last 4 it developed into a Tonic Clonic - only on her left arm and leg. I gave her the extra meds we have for long ones after 5 minutes and that made her very drunk afterwards.
Thankfully it had been a nice 11 day break. Especially as she had 6 seizures within 12 days at the beginning of June.
Tuesday 23rd: The window is a bit bigger today. The roof is still stable though. I made sure I got the remains of the snow man in the background too today. Hannah chopped his head off the other day - so he would have been a bit taller still.
One weaker area in the roof - but still safe enough to go inside.
Wednesday 24th: A big backing day today. I am always so thankful for Rachel's enjoyment of cooking and baking.

The photo below was posted on today of New Zealand South Island. No wonder we are so cold, -6 at 8am.
How magnificent though.

Thursday 25th: Fetching Rachel from work today we saw that there are the odd few places that still have snow on the ground (sheltered from the sun).
And a quick photo with the girls before they headed off to Brownies.Finally the sun has had it's effect and this wall is melting. No longer safe to go in. Fun to have had it last the whole week though.

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