Sunday, February 22, 2015

Brownies, dogs and chickens

On Tuesday evening Brendon headed off to fetch Rachel and Ruth after St Johns. Hannah has been staying up lately until 8:30 too - so she was left to find something to keep her busy. I had bought a file for the animal sound cards - and so she spent some time sorting the cards and putting them into their places.
I had also bought the sound reader and she was thrilled to be able to actually listen to the sounds of all the animals.
Another thing I bought was a Cannon bone (or Marrow bone). It was my first time and learn the hard way that I need to ask them to cut it up into smaller pieces. Brendon had to use his saw (which I disenfected) to cut it in half so that I could fit it into my slow cooker. I made a bone broth with it - so basically a nice healthy beef stock that we can use.  Nice to be home made and know that it's only got good things in it.
I had to smile at Hezekiah on Wednesday. We have these bugs that come into the house (and die) and I will often ask the children to take them out. Hezekiah didn't want to touch it - so he came up with his own plan - to use his broken bowl as tweezers. :-)
Hannah will be 7 in just 3 weeks time, so I suggested she "visit" at Brownies on Thursday. She will end up "visiting" for the next weeks before she can join officially. She is thrilled.
Two peas in a pod.
On Friday Noortjie popped over and her dog ended up following her down the road. Zoie actually found a gap in the fence and pushed her way in. She was really wanting to meet Shadow - and Shadow was actually really good and looked rather happy to have her come visit.
They are incredibly similar. Both have white socks on all their feet, very small on the back feet, longer on the front and longest on the left front. Zoie just has more white around her neck.
The 3 middle children then went back with her to see her new chicks.
So sweet.
I sent the camera with so I could get some photos.

On Saturday night I made hot chocolate for those of us who stay up later (all but Asher and Hezekiah now). The girls got cream and normal milk, Brendon has almond milk and I have cashew milk. It's so funny to look in our fridge and see so many different milks. Everyone knows which milk is in which bottle too. :-)

Sunday afternoon fun. Asher often comes to our bed to lie down for a couple of minutes. This time Hezekiah, Ruth and Hannah joined in. Hannah went to get the camera. Her first photo was a bit fuzzy - but I love the funny faces from Ruth and Hezekiah.
The next one was nice and clear though. I need to give Hannah more photo taking opportunities to learn to have a steady hand and get the auto-focus to work. :-)
I will leave Rachel's 3 course meal on Wednesday and our new kitten that arrived on Friday, to separate posts.

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