Monday, February 23, 2015

3 course meal from Ruth

It was Ruth's turn to do her St John homework today and so she made us a 3 course dinner. Roast chicken and veggies got started early.
She was more creative than me and put apple and onion inside of the chidken.
While the oven was busy she got the table set and prepared the desert too.
She made salad for starters.
Some plates were a bit different to suit the different taste preferences (like with who likes or dislikes olives).

She took the chicken, carrots and celery out so that the potatoes could grill a bit.

And she cut the chicken and served it all herself too.

For desert she made a chocolate Zucchini bread. I took a few recipies on-line and came up with my own one. You can see the recipe here.
Rachel enjoyed this so much that she decided she wanted this for her birthday cake.
She also made some Date Balls (or Chocolate Fudge balls). I again saw a base recipe and adjusted it to suit our needs. The recipe is here.
These are a real success and Ruth has already had to make another batch. :-)

Thanks for the lovely meal Ruth. You did a great job.

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