Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And that wraps up 2014

Fri 26th. Brendon worked this morning but in the afternoon we headed down to the pool again. It's been very hot.
Asher changes between the small pool and the big one. She has no fear and would just jump in.
Right: My two little princesses with their apple.

Below: Saturday 27th and I headed down to the pool with the older 4. Brendon worked Saturday and Sunday again this weekend, so he was rather tired and was thankful to just stay home with Asher.
Hezekiah likes that he is able to be in the deep end with his sisters.

Sunday 28th: Asher's fun way of sitting on her bike to watch a program.
Asher is doing a lot better. I had been concerned that the run of seizures earlier in the week were perhaps related to the new medication. On Friday night it became clear that she was actually struggling with a UTI. My girls have often struggled with this when they are teething. So I checked her mouth - and sure enough - she has a molar pushing through. So at least we know why there were so many seizures recently. The last time she had a whole lot of molars coming out she also had a number of seizures.
Rachel and Ruth have finally gotten their cupboard sorted out. They found a few fun things that Ruth decided to wear. Our princess clown.

Monday 29th - These two are enjoying there new toys SO much. I especially love listening to all the lovely games Hezekiah comes up with, with all the little conversations that happen between the characters in his game.
Monday also saw me taking Ruth to the doctors for her recurring blood noses. She has had a blood nose every morning for the last 5 days.
The doctor confirmed that the blood vessels on the one side were very near to the surface and he even allowed me to see the difference between the two sides. So the decision was made immediately to cauterize the vessels. Ruth was such a brave girl and I was so pleased we could get it done so quickly. It did burn, but she said it did get better within minutes.
Her and Hannah then had a sleep over at Noor.
Rachel has been keeping herself busy (and sorting through things in her room). One of the major things that she has gotten done is all the bits of sewing that have been building up. There were a few buttons on different items (mainly for Dad and Hannah) as well as the barbie dresses that needed mending. She has enjoyed listening to Lord of the Rings on the iPod while she sews.
I also got a new "free" program that allows me to create sheet music. Brendon had thought it would be nice to be able to play his cello along with the cello hymns album we have - so I wanted to write the sheet music for him. On Monday Rachel got the cello and helped me to find the right notes. On Tuesday we found a quicker way though. Ruth just quickly found the notes on the keyboard and then I could put the notes onto the sheet music. We managed to get a few songs done for him and he has really enjoyed having more Christian music to play. He continues with his "lessons" book too though - it's just fun to play songs that you recognise and enjoy too.
Thankfully this has also helped Ruth to get motivated to play again. She does so well on the keyboard. So we are hoping the motivation that she has gotten to play again keeps up. She has so much potential.
Wednesday 31st - Asher getting really good with those shapes now.
So excited to go out and say "hi" to Dad. Even if it was raining.
We have been thankful for the little break in the hot weather.
And that wraps up 2014. It's been quite a year. I am so thankful for how the Lord has used the trials and difficulties to help me come to know Him more. To feel His presence and guidance and love - in a way I never have before.

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