Sunday, December 7, 2014

A full weekend of fun

On Friday morning Ruth got some of her food order made and allowed Hezekiah to come and help her mix. He was so pleased to be involved.

On Friday afternoon the girls went to sewing with a friend again. Rachel has been talking about this cape for ages and was so pleased to get it finished today.

Rachel and Ruth then headed off with the Loves to help with the Carols in the Park this evening. They also spent the night at the Love's home so that they could stay and help through the whole evening.
I had forgotten to take meat out for dinner and made a quick bacon and tomato pasta for us. Asher just loved the pasta (we get treated with gluten free pasta every now and again).
Hezekiah was not that interested in this "different" food and so didn't even try it. Asher was happy with that and finished all of his too. She is doing really well with feeding herself now - even if she gets a dirty face in the process. Such a sweet child.
And then Brendon took Hezekiah and Hannah down to the Carols in the Park for a couple of hours. They had such a fun time.
I love these action photos.
Rachel got to clock up some "ccommunity service" hours for a St Johns badge that she is working towards.
Brendon also told me about lovely songs they got to hear.
Hezekiah having a swing with David.
Below: Hannah was called up onto stage. It was lovely hearing all about it. The man said he had a present - but unfortunately just one. Hannah opened the box and got this lovely heart balloon. He asked her if she wanted to share it with anyone and she said yes, with her younger brother. So Hezekiah came up and she gave him the balloon. He then asked Hezekiah if he could have it for a second and he blew on it and pulled out a second balloon. So they each had one.
So nice that she was thoughtful of Hezekiah and the man was very impressed with how polite she was. They both did really well being on stage. Hezekiah even gave his name - talking in the microphone. So a lovely highlight for these two.

Brendon fetched Rachel and Ruth in the morning and then we headed up to the Spencer's for the Youth Year End party.
Hezekiah and Hannah had such a great time on the slide.
Ruth was thrilled to have her first swim of the season. Although it was very cold.
Rachel had her novel with and got to share a bit of what she is writing with Grace.
Then the traditional water balloon fight and a lolly scramble.
It was lovely to have time to sit and visit with Kerry and the children had a great time too.
This was a lovely photo that Mildrid took of the older girls.

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