Sunday, November 30, 2014

Enjoying my little ones

Monday 24th. I just love watching these two playing. I'm not sure how Asher managed to get her "blanky" this morning, but it was very cute to see it draped as a scarf.
Hezekiah has been especially enjoying imaginary games on his own. It is so sweet to hear the little conversations that go on. Today it was the dinosaurs riding in the car together.
Here is a short video showing how much Asher loves mugs. Such a cutie. She now drinks her water out of one of my mugs. :-)
Hezekiah was really upset this afternoon when his "Bulls Eye" broke. The front of the bike broke off and despite Brendon's effort to fix it - it was not possible. Asher is so sweet. When she hears someone crying (like today when Hezekiah was crying about his broken bike) she will come up and give a nice big hug.
Tuesday 25th. Today I got to hear Hezekiah pretending to be the different cars, having little conversations.
The ambulance was asking them each their names. Every now and again he looked at me and asked what the train's name was (he can't always remember Charlie and Diesel).
He also spent some time with this toy and I was really impressed that he got all 5 balanced on top of each other. Obviously he chose the blue ones to play with. :-)
With Ruth's ballet practice for the concert being earlier than before I was able to pop in to the recycling store before they closed and managed to get this bike for Hezekiah. It used to be a motorized bike - so it was not ideal (it's a bit heavy and the steering is not great) but it was something. And at $2 it will get enough playing to justify the expense. I got a little $2 bike for Asher too as she enjoyed riding Bulls Eye as well and will also "miss him". :-)
Wednesday 26th. It is always incredible to me to see how well these two play together. They really are best friends and get along so very well. With Hannah as a sister, Hezekiah is not missing out of those rough and tumble games he would have with a brother.
On Wednesday afternoon Asher had another seizure. Again - thankfully - it was short and she got enough air in to keep her lips pink.
We have been trying to reduce the 2nd AED over the last few weeks to see if it is really helping. It seemed she was having seizures every two weeks even when on a really high dose of 10mg a day while we were in Germany. Once we were home we dropped it down to 7.5mg (what she was on before we went away). This week we dropped it down from 5mg to 2.5mg a day - and that was obviously just too little. So she is back to 5mg a day.
Thursday 27th. Hannah decided to join the younger to with their game on me today. :-)
I do love watching this little girl play. She is playing more and more independently lately and her concentration is just so special to watch.
A regular thing in our home in the morning is to see these two on Hannah's bed while she does some school work. She is working through "Reading Eggs" as one of her "school" jobs and he especially loves watching when she does this. So it's become a bit of a tradition and Hezekiah will ask if she is going to go and do Reading Eggs. :-)
I also finally managed to get a photo of Asher - using her foot to push these down. She can play with this game for ages and I thought it was quite cute seeing her doing this. She seems to enjoy using her feet with different things. I never saw any of the other children doing this.

Ruth had her last day of Brownies for the year today. She got 4 more badges. She got her Cooking badge assessed with the leader today too - so will have a new badge at the beginning of next year. They started with a new program this year and Ruth is really enjoying seeing her book filling up with stickers and her sash filling up with badges. :-)
Friday 28th. Another thing I love watching Asher do is playing with Hezekiah's dinosaurs. She will also play with them for ages, putting them in and out of their container and now lately also spending time trying to get them to all stand up.
On Friday night Brendon, Asher and I went to the farm's Christmas dinner. Hannah slept over at Noortjie and when she walked back with Hannah this morning Hezekiah got so attached to her. He had kept asking if he could go and have a sleep over too. So it was nice that Noor gave him some special attention today.
Saturday also saw me heading off with Hezekiah to the school play ground. He had a nice adventurous day with me - doing some things for the first time (these two pictures as well as going down the "fireman pole" with my help).

I love this selfie of us. What a wonderful hug I got. You can see how windy it was though (hence the jerseys).
And then Hezekiah helped me make more "chocolate fudge". He just LOVES this chocolate and will often sneak a piece from the fridge. I love that he has something so healthy to snack on.
I needed a new photo for my recipe blog post too. :-)
On Sunday Brendon and I spent some time making some swan wings. :-) Rachel and Ruth are both swans in their ballet concert in a couple of weeks time. The big job (which Brendon helped me with) was melting the edges of the chiffon. The girls are very excited about their concert. They get to practice in their costumes this Tuesday and then it's the Dress rehearsal and then the concerts. So not much time left now.
Oh - and Ruth said I must mention that she suggested we try the candles. I was nervous about using a flame - but it worked really well.

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