Saturday, October 11, 2014

First half of October

Saturday 4th October. Ruth hard at work with her loom bands. She has enjoyed making these grips for pencils (or loom band tools).
Lovely colours Ruth.
She has mentioned making some to sell on Trade Me, but we haven't gotten around to that yet.

Below: Busy in the kitchen with her weekly food order.

Off to squash with Dad.

Brendon quickly put some more tarp around the woodbox. It was still getting wet inside as the rain would often come at quite an angle. Hezekiah was his helper - passing him nails. They only just got it on in time as it got very wet and cold out there.
Sunday 5th October. Hezekiah just loved "helping" in the kitchen after church today. Unfortunately our silly "new" camera won't allow you to "force flash" and so I can't blame Ruth for not managing to get a nice photo. I had to pump loads of light into this one to see his face. Such a special memory though as he just had so much fun and felt like such a big helper.
We were blessed with 10kg of pears. So Ruth and I got busy in the afternoon making the fruit base for a number of huge "apple/pear crumbles". We have apple crumble every Saturday for breakfast. So we will be having pear crumble for the next couple of months. :-)
Ruth was rather pleased that Rachel was away because it meant she could get to work the Vitamix. I realized it was time to give her some lessons and she did a great job.
Rachel is a leader on a Christian camp this week (Sunday till Friday) and then will be back home on Saturday.
These two had such fun loading the dump truck with dominoes. They both really enjoy playing with the two sets of dominoes that we have. It will be fun when one day they are old enough to actually use the dominoes for their "proper" purpose. :-)
Tuesday 7th saw a very wet start to the day. Hezekiah quickly headed out to explore.
It was obviously warm enough for him too - despite all the ice about.

Asher enjoys eating with a proper fork now. She will even put the food onto her table and then pick it up with the fork. Here she is enjoying mushrooms and egg for lunch.

Wednesday 8th: Enjoying a chicken bone to chew on.
And feeling very "grown up" on

Hezekiah's chair. I don't think it will be too long before she moves onto one of these chairs.
Enjoying some music after dinner. Asher really does love the harmonica. As well as beanies. :-) Such a cutie.
Thursday 9th - enjoying some "go fish" with Brooke as well as getting some loom bands made too.
Friday 10th - Hannah and Hezekiah enjoying reading a book together on the iPad. Hezekiah will also often go sit with Hannah on her bed and watch her while she does her "Reading Eggs". They also often sit on the "one chair" together to either read something or watch something together. They really are such good friends.
Saturday 11th. Rachel got back from camp yesterday and then joined the Love family, helping at the Raise Concert on Friday night. We picked her up on Saturday morning and then headed up to the Spencer's for Grace's baptism. It was so special to be able to join them for this special day.
I got to have a lovely time chatting with Emma - a fellow home schooling mum who I have seen at a few functions but never gotten to chat too. It was lovely getting to know each other better. Emma has a soft spot in her heart for me as she has a daughter who also struggled with epilepsy when she was young. So it was good to get to chat through a few things. Emma mentioned how much the chiropractor helped their daughter with her seizures and we are planning on making contact with our chiro once we are back from Germany.
I also look forward to more contact with Emma now that we have properly met.

Hezekiah and Asher enjoyed the lambs that were close to the house.
Nice and friendly.

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