Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our Saturday Catch up

Asher climbed in the smaller toy box today to watch The Wiggles. At least she knew to empty all the toys out first. :-)
She found it made a fun hat too. Our little girl who loves things on her head. :-)
She is getting good at putting these big duplo blocks together too. And I still remember when Mrs Penny gave them to us for Rachel - a good 13 years ago. :-)
Hezekiah wanted a turn too with the "funny hat" and wanted his photo taken as well.
Asher also had loads of fun with the blocks today. I was amazed when I saw her get 5 on top of each other. This photo ended up with blurry blocks.
And this photo had a blurry Asher. But you can see clearly her nice high stack.
Asher had so much fun "swinging" off the step in the kitchen. It's one way she can get a nice "swing" without too much movement of her head. :-)
Hezekiah has been so looking forward to going out with Dad. He has patiently waited through this last busy month and was so pleased to get out there with Dad today.
They took the soccer ball with to enjoy the nice big field.
Hezekiah enjoyed showing Dad how he can go over this chain bridge on his own.
So many fun things to play on.

Below: A lovely selfie of these precious guys.
You can see Hezekiah doesn't brush his hair much. :-)

They went exploring too and found these "tunnels". Hezekiah was happy to climb on top of them but was not too keen on going in.

Below: And then Hannah and I headed off to Frog Rock for a picnic. She was so excited because she knew Hezekiah was going with Dad today, so she thought it would only be her turn next weekend.

For the 2nd time now Hannah and I have managed to time our outing with the train. And today was a very special trip as it normally only goes on a Sunday. It must have been a specially organized function as there were people at the Rocking Frog station all dress up (with old fashioned clothes and huge guns) waiting for the train.
Hannah asked me to take this photo. She really enjoyed the beauty of it up here.
Having our picnic on the rock and watching the train drive off.
Hannah then asked me to take a photo of how beautiful it was when the sun shone on some of the fields.
We had a lovely time together enjoying a snack and the beauty of God's creation.
Asher headed out with Dad to get some things done in the garden. She does just love being outside.
She spotted the tarp again and quickly headed over to try and get under it.
And very quickly she was under. Another of her loves - having something over her head.
And happily just wondering off with the dogs.

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