Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dentist and a dusting of snow

One of my favourite photos from today - taken in Hawarden of one of the small "hills" around us.
There was much excitement from these three about the possibility of snow today and when they first started spotting a few flakes between the rain they quickly got all their warm things together and headed out. It wasn't long after 9am and they were out there already - singing and having so much fun.
I was concerned it would have stopped by the time they were ready but thankfully it even got a bit thicker (and the rain eased up) while they were out there.
A fun video of them singing in the snow. :-)
And then another one with them chatting about how much fun it was. You get a better idea of the snow on the video (over a photo) but you still can't see how wonderful it was to watch in person. Such wonderful big flakes. It sounds like Brendon had even bigger flakes on the farm.
The school was closed at 10:30 to help get children home as the outlying areas were getting quite a bit of snow and they didn't want the busses to get stuck. We had appointments at the dental nurse from 11am - so it was nice that the school (where the dental truck parks) was empty when we got there.
I only took photos of Hezekiah today as he did so well. He got rather stress last year about even sitting on the chair. So we gave him loads of encouragement for just getting up there. :-)
He happily took the blue sun glasses and enjoyed having the chair move up and back for him (he had watched Rachel go first). He got a bit nervous about opening his mouth - but we assured him that she just wanted to count his teeth. So he opened up nicely and she could have a quick look. I was so glad he did so well.
And I was even more pleased with the feedback on the older girls too. Not one filling needed between the three of them. Hannah did have x-rays because we wanted to compare her teeth to last year when there were a few places between the teeth. She did get the one lot sorted earlier this year but I was keen to see if there was indeed any other work needed. The other spot between two molars was still there - but so very small. It had definitely not gotten any bigger. So we were thrilled. All the effort we have been putting in has definitely paid off.
Rachel did also have x-rays which showed a very small spot between two of her molars - so this was enough encouragement for her to get started on using my home made toothpaste. The dental nurse was also pleased to hear about this (as she knows we don't use fluoride) and she explained to Rachel that if this tiny spots can be dealt with very early - the damage can be stopped and even corrected. They would normally use fluoride to do that - but she explained that the re-mineralising toothpaste that I make would also help the tooth to build itself back up. So it was an added bonus for me to have her happy with our dental program and that she acknowledges that repair can actually happen too.
We can see this mountain range from our home and it looks so beautiful that I suggested we go for a drive after lunch.
First I got our monthly children's photo taken and then we headed out.
Isn't it just beautiful.
I wanted to show the children what the mountains looked like around the farm where Brendon works.
We aren't allowed to publish photos with the pigs - but this gives you an idea of how magnificent it is - to have this mountain range surrounding your "office". :-) You can however get to see some photos of the pigs on the farm's website here.
A lot of snow on this mountain.
Heading down Medbury Road. It was not even 2pm and it was only 4 degrees. Dark blue skies above already.
And then another favourite shot - taken just a couple of minutes before we arrived home.
Thank you Lord for your beautiful creation.

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