Friday, May 23, 2014

We rejoice with the angels over Hannah

Hannah has been doing Maori Postal Bible Lessons and Mailbox Bible Lessons for over a year already. The Mailbox Lessons have the gospel presented in every story and on every answer sheet (even the 5 year olds) they ask "Have you accepted Jesus into your heart" or something like that. Hannah would always answer "no". She knew what salvation was but also knew that she had not asked for forgiveness and accepted Jesus as her Saviour. We have through the year been very appreciative of her honesty with this.
Over the last couple of weeks Hannah has been enjoying the Year 2 work in Maori Postal Lessons as they now have questions to answer (the first year was just colouring in). She has a few lesson books to catch up so we have been enjoying doing a few lessons each day. Today we learnt about Jesus being the Good Shepherd. The last question of the book was "Have you accepted Jesus as your Shepherd". Hannah answered "no" but then said that she wanted to. So we spoke a bit more about what it meant to accept Jesus as your Saviour and then she prayed. She asked God to forgive her of her sins and she thanked Jesus for dying on the cross so that she can be forgiven.
We had a lovely time chatting and I encouraged her to tell Dad when he got home. She asked me to remind her as she was worried she might forget. Well - she didn't need reminding and was excited about telling Dad as soon as he got home. At dinner she was excited about telling me something she had learnt from Dad. That when she got saved today - the angels in heaven rejoiced. I assured her that we were all rejoicing with the angels. What a special day.
In the evening the older girls headed off to Youth Group and Hannah came with to drop them off and drop off all her completed Bible Lessons. We had a good chat on the short ride home about how she pleases God when she chooses to do the right thing. I had been so happy in the afternoon when I had heard Hannah acknowledge that she had said something in a wrong way and then said it again in a kind a loving way (with no prompting from me - she just noticed herself). I spoke about how pleased this made God and us. It was such a blessing to see this little heart softened to the truth of the Gospel of Christ and already desiring to love God - because He first loved her, and sent His Son to die for her.
Praise the Lord with us!!!

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