Friday, April 11, 2014

Doctor, dogs, digital and a digger

Tuesday 8th: Asher had a follow up appointment with her neurologist at the hospital today. The appointment was only in the afternoon so Ruth and I got a few errands done before hand (including getting her some new shoes which has been needed for a while now). As well as picking up our pre-ordered shopping. I am hoping the new big grocery shop will be opened on schedule in the middle of May as it will be such a treat to have a shop just half an hour from home.
Her doctor was very pleased to hear that it had been 4 weeks since her last seizure. We are not sure if it is the increase in her AED or the fact that she got onto high doses of glyconutrients (both just after her last seizures) or a combination of the two. We do all agree to just stick with what we are doing and hopefully things will just keep improving from here.
What I was very pleased about was that when I told him "it will be 4 weeks tomorrow" he said "you must have been saying a lot of prayers." I immediately acknowledged that yes, we had been praying a lot and we also had many people all around the world praying for Asher. What a wonderful testimony to have her doctor acknowledge that this is an answer to prayer.
He was again very pleased with how well she is doing developmentally. We spoke about some possible side effects that we have noticed since she started this new drug 7 weeks ago - but at this stage it is going a lot better than the first AED and we are very thankful for that.
We managed to get Ruth to her ballet lesson on time on our way home. The other children had been at the Love's home and so Rachel just stayed with them and got a lift to her ballet (as their one daughter is in Rachel's class). Rachel then joined them for their St John meeting afterwards. She had such a good time we are looking at doing it this way every week. Rachel is thrilled. More time with her friends and all the enjoyment of the St John meetings too.
This crazy dog has decided that he likes sitting
and standing on the top of their kennel.
Wednesday 9th: I had asked one of the girls to help Asher with lunch while I got mine ready and Hezekiah said that he wanted to. He loves being the "big brother".
And then in the afternoon I finally got my new camera set up. I'm not sure what I was taking a photo of here - it may have just been to take a photo. :-)
I finally managed to book a hair appointment for late this afternoon and then it was time to chat to Nana. I'm not sure who took these photos (most likely it was Ruth - trying out the new bright red camera she and I picked up the day before).
I just love how well she has captured Hezekiah's smile and Hannah's grin. This photo makes me smile every time I look at it.
Thursday 10th. Ok - still working out how to use the camera. For some reason I can't just "force flash" when I know I need to. But still good to have it on record - Asher loves olives too. :-) I think this started with Hezekiah sharing his with her. Sweet boy. She was thrilled to eat whatever he had - so decided it must be nice.
Happy girl.
And what makes a happy boy - playing in puddles. The wood cover had created a lovely area to play after the rain.
And further back these higher sides had made it lovely and deep.
Logan came over for a visit before dinner. It is so special to see Logan playing so nicely with Hezekiah. It's great for him to have a big boy to play with (rather than always girls).
The six of them (4 kids and 2 dogs) had a great time.
Friday 11th: I had met a few home schooling families in the past who did a lot of their school work on-line. It was only today when all three girls were busy did I realize how digital our school things have become. Two laptops and a surface going now. Our "old" laptop had gotten a bit unreliable as it would just regularly shut off in the middle of things. I got it out the cupboard the other day and it has been working fine. So now they don't have to wait for each other and can all work at the same time.
In the afternoon Hannah and Hezekiah just loved playing on this side of the house so they could watch the different machinery fixing the water over the road.
It's a common site to see sticks in hand and "sword fights" going on. So although he is surrounded by girls there are a lot of "boy" type games happening. :-)

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