Saturday, March 1, 2014

Horsing around

Our idea was that Rachel head over next door and find out if she could help with getting Brooke's pony ready for Brooke, Ruth and Hannah to have a ride. Well, Hezekiah did not want to be left behind so Brendon said he would go over with him. I then didn't want to be left behind - so we ALL ended up going for a visit (sorry for bombarding you Val).
Hezekiah was thrilled to feed this pony some grass. He was shown how to put it through so that his fingers would not get bitten with the grass. :-)
Hannah so pleased that she could mount the pony on her own.
Just look how chuffed she is.

Then Ruth's turn (as well as Brooke but I missed seeing her on).
And then we called Hezekiah over (as he kept running around checking everything out). He much preferred this size horse. He was not happy on Auto the other day - so kept saying that he must have a little horse.
Then helmet on and Rachel nice and close for his ride. Thankfully he was happy with just one ride around the paddock.

Asher getting to feed the pony some grass too.

Then off to see the dogs. They race the dogs for a living. These were two of the younger ones. Not even 1 year old yet. So friendly and this time Hezekiah did not need to worry about his fingers.
Brendon and I ended up having a nice chat with them about the dogs and the races and learnt quite a bit. Crazy that we have been neighbours for over 2 years now and we only now get to ask all the questions. It's been great that the children have been getting to know each other so much over the last months - so it was nice for us adults to catch up with that a bit. :-)
Thanks for the lovely afternoon Val.
Below is a beautiful photo Val took of one of their dogs. What an incredible shot. You can have a look at more of her amazing photography here.
Val is supa talented and makes the most amazing soaps. Check out her work here.

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