Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun family photo shoot

Our lovely neighbour Val offered to do a family photo shoot for us today. She has such a great eye for photography and we have so many wonderful photos from a lovely morning. She told me afterwards that it was the first set of family portraits she had done and I was so surprised. I think she could use these as adverts for a business. We love them.
Val had spotted this lovely old bench in Waikari and so we headed there first.
Then to this lovely big rock. It was nice to get this one with Asher smiling a little (above). She was not feeling great through the morning - so we were just thrilled to have photos with her looking at the camera.
Val had shown me some photos with darker colours used for the tops and so Rachel and I had spent some time picking out the tops and were rather pleased with the combination we came up with.
Then it was Dad and Mum's turn on the rock. Hannah immediately went behind Val and started puling funny faces - just like Dad had been doing for them. It was so funny. What a beautiful photo capturing such a fun memory.
Lovely to have these.
Then up the little walk way.
And back again.

I pointed to Vale in an attempt to show Asher wear to look. She decided she would just copy me though and kept pointing.
It was a lovely spot for a photo though. I have to smile when I see this "dry grass" photos because before we moved to New Zealand we thought that the country was green all year round. There areas that are like that, but not here in dry North Canterbury.
Then some photos at these different doors. A little bit of fun with one leg up.
I then suggested getting a shot at this old window. This was one of the only 2 houses that were available to rent when we moved to New Zealand six and a half years ago.

Then we headed down to the pond. It was the first time any of us had been down to it. A beautiful spot for photos.

Lovely with the reflection in the water.
Brendon then took the older children down to touch the water while Asher had a play on the grass. She was really tired by now so we headed home so she could have a nap. We had a lovely time and I remember Hannah saying "this is fun". Vale has mentioned perhaps having some "winter" photos in a few months with our spectacular snow capped mountains behind us.
So it was a morning with special memories and some stunning photos of my precious family. I love you all so much.

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