Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday Dad

I had gotten most of Brendon's  birthday cake made and had planned to make the ganache this morning. God had other plans for our day though as Asher and I headed into the hospital just after 6am. More details on that in the next post.
So that left Rachel to make ganache for the first time and have the job of finishing off the cake. She was rather nervous but did a great job.
A friend came over for a couple of hours so Brendon could get a bit of time at work. Rachel asked him to miss call when he was on his way, so they had time to get the candles lit for when he arrived home.
The friend said it was really lovely to see all the effort they put in to get everything just right for him. They sang a lovely Happy Birthday song and enjoyed his cake. They even got all dress up.
Hezekiah in his white shirt (that is only ever used for photos).
Hannah in a beautiful dress she was given (and has hardly gotten to wear).
Hannah doing some modelling
and Ruth enjoying being the photographer.
Ruth wearing the flower girl dress my youngest sister wore to my older brother's wedding. :-)
Thanks girls for doing a great job of letting Dad know how much we love and appreciate him.

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