Thursday, November 7, 2013

Patches and Puppies

Patches watching the puppies playing in the garden. She stays close enough to the house so she can run if she feels threatened. I saw her later in the garden watching them from a distance.

The garden is looking so lovely and green.
Brooke and Briar came over for a visit and play with the puppies on Monday afternoon.
On Tuesday I spotted Patches wondering closer to their kennel (which is behind that shed). Nice to see her getting closer to them - even if it's when they are safely locked so they can't get to her.
I took Hezekiah with me for the ballet run this afternoon as I had done a previous week. This time Asher was awake so I could come get some photos. Last time Rachel said she spent ages with him going over this "wobbly bridge".
The very long slide was back this week but the new paint has made it too fast and poor Hezekiah went flying off the end (it has a long bit at the bottom that is now not long enough). He did go down a third time with me stopping him before he came off but it did have an effect on him as he was even a bit nervous on this small slide.
This is how Asher had her nap on Thursday afternoon. I know they spend their first 9 months in a very small space and often end up for months in this position - I just did not think it would be comfortable still after almost 9 months out. ;-)
Ruth creating a different game with the ball stuck on the end of a stick.
Zorro already loves chasing the ball.
I had to smile this afternoon when Ruth was vacuuming (she likes doing it by the way). Asher loves watching the vacuum and so I put her in the walking room on the kitchen floor. It was motivation for her to actually move forward rather than backwards as they often do when they start moving.
Hezekiah enjoying his bit of iPad time. This is one of the new free apps I got with a Grandpa in his workshop. They build all different things and learn about different tools along the way. And they have some puzzles too which keeps him even more happy.
The puppies enjoying playing tug of war with their rope. There have been the odd time that they have ended up running together with it in both their mouths. So cute.
Ruth encouraging the puppies to jump for the rope.
So much fun.

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