Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring has sprung

So nice to get these "children" photos every month. Now I just have to find out the best way of getting them all together into a little video clip. Any advice on how I can do that?
Time to start getting the beds ready for this years veggies. It is such a blessing that we can borrow a rotary hoe - it saves so much time. The boxes that we put on last year have decomposed and it's great to get the straw dug in. Both of which help the soil a lot as it's rather heavy in our area. The girls are all excited about planting but that is a good way off still. I am sure there are many frosty mornings ahead of us.
I still had the setting wrong on my camera - so the flowers in the front are in focus rather than those two important little people. They did have so much fun there today though. I love how Hezekiah just fits in to their different games.
Hannah being a great big sister and telling Asher a story about the different pages in this book.
Our best yet batch of rolos. We didn't soak the dates this time as I think it was adding way too much moisture. They are rather old and dry though - so we added some coconut oil to help with the blending. It was lovely to finally have the mixture's consistency right as it was much easier to roll nice little balls. SO delicious. And easiest for me to just point you to the original recipe here.
One thing about having so many girls in the house is that there is always loads of potential for lots of "dress up" fun. Ruth loves babies and often plays with Asher - so it was not too much of a surprise to see her addition. I remember Rachel doing the same kind of thing with Ruth when she was a tiny baby.
Such a sweet little girl.
It's been well over 2 months of me not eating wheat and when I had quite a bit of it after our citizenship ceremony I suffered terribly the rest of the day and the following day. So I realize my stomach just does not really appreciate it. Oats are a better carb for me and so I started wondering if I could make pasta with oats. I found a recipe and we all absolutely LOVED it.
And so simple: 2 cups oats (blended into a flour), 1 1/2 tsp salt, 2 eggs, 2 Tbs oil (and 1-2 Tbs water depending on how big your eggs are - just add a little at a time). Rest for 30 minutes before rolling for best results.
Some more Sing Star fun. Hezekiah is learning a lot of the tunes. It was so funny to hear him singing "everybody wants to be a cat" over and over again at the dinner table the other night.
Hezekiah loves helping Dad in the garden as much as Ruth does.
The girls made this tent / hut with Briar and have been having so much fun together.
Ruth lost the first of her two top wiggly teeth this week. I don't think it will be too long before the other one is out. She is perhaps going to be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."
A lovely smile from Asher - pre-upper-lip-tie-correction. I only realized after noticing her lip tie how her smile is mainly in her eyes and not all that much with her mouth. Look how tiny that top lip looks. It will be interesting to note the difference once the lip tie has been corrected. We will see the Lactation Consultant on Monday but I very confident she will agree that she has a lip tie and that it should be fixed. Hopefully that will mean no more mastitis for me. I am so thankful I asked the homoeopath if she had any ideas as to why I was getting mastitis so often with Asher. She was spot on in her first response "does Asher have an upper lip tie." Only after researching and looking at Asher more closely did I notice that her top lip is totally sucked in when she feeds.
Even if I try to encourage her lip out when she latches - it just pulls in again as the frenum is just too tight.
Although not the best of photos you can still get a bit of an idea of the lip tie. The frenum is attached all the way down her gum. This may cause a gap between her teeth when they come out.

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