Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snow drive

Although there was no snow at our home to enjoy - we only needed to take a 15 minute drive to get to some.
Again I forgot to bring my tripod. I used the sled we had with though and took the opportunity to get some new family photos. This was a nice one with Asher looking towards the camera.
We had attempted to drive up the road as it turned left there in front of the hill but just before reaching a flatter area our wheels started to spin. So we carefully backed down to a spot we could safely park the car and walked up the last section to where the snow was nice and thick next to the road.

We had a break at this spot to take some photos and then walk a little further.

Below another nice one showing that magnificent blue sky that we so often see after it has snowed. It is just so beautiful.
I think Hezekiah is getting the hang of looking at the camera and smiling - even if there is no one holding it. :-)
Ruth was the first one on the sled. She just loves snow. Hannah loves eating snow. :-)
Hannah did build up enough courage to have a go.
Our picture perfect spot for some snow fun.
Hannah gave dad a push to help get him started. He built up quite a bit of speed and I was thankful he was able to stop before the road got very steep.
Hezekiah having a turn with Dad.
Ruth trying the road (another helpful push from Hannah).
Hezekiah was happy to have a go on his own too. Rachel and Ruth stood ready to stop him.
And then we had to get back to the car. With all the snow Hannah had been eating and holding - her hands were starting to get sore. My feet were starting to get way too cold too (despite having 2 pairs of socks on and one pair being Brendon's good winter work socks). Otherwise I was rather hot though. There was not a breath of wind and the sun was baking down on us. Such a contrast to feel hot but have freezing feet.
We had at least a 10 minute walk back to the car. Thankfully walking down was not a challenge for anyone. Walking up had been hard for us all. Hezekiah had a bit of a ride on the sled for a bit but then it was too steep and Brendon carried him.
The car must have started slipping somewhere in this area. It's parked just around the corner.
Driving home I got this shot of the mountains on the other side of us. So stunning.
Thank you Lord for the beauty of Your creation that we got to enjoy today.

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