Thursday, June 13, 2013

Playing with Asher

10 June. Such a sweet big brother. He specifically wanted to have a cuddle with her this evening.
Dad enjoying the marble run with Hezekiah this evening (while Asher watches).
Ruth having some fun with Asher.
11 June. Rachel's creation. Just a little bit too high for Hezekiah though.
This is Asher's latest game. So funny.

A video gives you a better idea of how much she enjoys this.
12 June. I am sure it won't be too much longer before she rolls over.
Ruth's creation. Again - just a bit too tall for Hezekiah. At her visit with Noortje after lunch today she got some face painting done. Noortje is doing "messy church" on Friday and I think she wanted to practice a bit before hand.
Hannah was a bit reluctant to watch Hannah for a couple of minutes today. I suggested she tell her a story. She was a bit shy to start with but soon got into it and it sounded like she rather enjoyed it.
13 June. It's wonderful to see so many different designs coming out. Rachel had fun creating this one. I love how it is stimulating creative thinking in all those who build. Hezekiah continues to ask for one each day - so it's great that it still keeps him busy for a while each day.

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