Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Asher - 2 months old

The 2 month old photo shoot did not go as well as I had hoped. At least I got a few photos though. Those little legs don't seem to stay still while she is lying down.
And when she is sitting up she just looks so chubby. She really does not look as fat in real life. I think I also need Brendon around to try and get her to look towards the camera. Something must have been very interesting over there.
And look how chubby she looks here. Real hamster cheeks. The photos don't do you justice my little girl.
Having a little chat with Mum. :-)
It's been so sweet to watch Hezekiah try and "play" with Asher. Here he is trying to get her to play with the car.
Then attempting to get her to take the blocks from him. He is learning to be careful when he moves around her so that he does not sit on her arms.
Eventually this was a lot of fun. Just keeping her a part of the game.
And some tummy time too. Almost getting that smile on camera now.
You are a sweet little girl.

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