Saturday, March 16, 2013

1 month weigh in

Wed 13th: It was fun to watch Hannah this afternoon. She was playing with the barbies and found this little hanger amongst all the beautiful ball room dresses the dolls have. She could not find a place to hang it though as the hook is really small. Eventually she found this cord was the perfect size and so she managed to get it strung across as her clothes line.
You can also see how long that fringe is getting. It won't be long now and it will be able to be tied back with the rest of her hair. It is forcing her to get to actually brush her hair every day and she is now even learning how to put clips in on her own. :-)
Ruth then joined in with the barbie game and it was sweet to see them playing next to Asher and talking to her and including her in their game.
They found this little "doll" to give to Asher. And look at her pretty top. A friend blessed us with a couple of bags of girls baby clothes and it's been so special to have lovely girl clothes again - and all new and different. Ruth and Hannah used mostly the same things as babies - so it has been nice to have all these "new" things. This was the one reason the girls said it would be nice to have another girl - all the pretty clothes. :-)
Thursday 14: It's really nice to see how careful Hezekiah is with Asher. He would love to be under there with her but he is very aware of being careful and not bumping her or lying on her.
He is going to be a great big brother.
When I saw Asher sleeping like this this afternoon I had to smile. I can remember the others sleeping exactly the same. Little froggy legs and arms up. :-) Getting nice and tall too.
Friday 15: Asher will be 1 month old tomorrow - so we had a final visit with Sandy today. It's normally at 6 weeks but I was happy to have our last check up now. A good 4.49kg so she has done really well in her first month (720g). You can also see that she is not as skinny as the above photo makes her out to be. She is 58cm already - she grew 6 cm in this month. It's just incredible. No wonder we have to already move so many clothes out of her draws as they are way to small already.
It was lovely to have Kerry drop in for a visit today as well. I am so glad I got this photo.
This is really special as it reminds me of when I got a cuddle of Joshua when he was just over a month old. Here is the photo from August 2010 (left). He was born at just 29 weeks - so even though both 1 month old in these photos - Asher had 13 more weeks in the womb than Joshua. I can't believe Joshua will be 3 in a couple of months. It's been wonderful to watch him grow.
The girls also headed down to the toy library again today. This time we asked Dad to pick the tractor up on his way home. Hannah and Hezekiah were thrilled. We normally have the toys out for 2 weeks but as it will be Easter Friday in two weeks we will end up keeping this one for 4 (and just pay double). I am sure it will be well used through all the weeks.
Saturday 16 March means Asher is 1 month old.
Our sweet little girl is growing well and I thank the Lord for her.

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