Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Campbell visit

Brendon went back to work today at my suggestion (he had already taken the whole of the previous week off and I was sure the day would go fine). I had Sandy come for a check up visit in the morning and then Michelle and her boys arrived before lunch for a 2 night visit.
We had organized for the boys to go help Brendon, Rachel and Ruth load some wood. Unfortunately Nathan got a headache in the afternoon - but the other 3 did a great job in helping load up the trailer.
Michelle got this photo in the afternoon of them checking out some books together.
And she managed to get this nice photo of her and Asher. It was great that they could come for the visit now as they got to meet Hezekiah and Asher.
7pm saw them all outside playing with the netball hoop. It will be used more in these 3 days than it has been used in the past year. :-)
Once Hannah went to bed around 7:30 the rest headed over for some time with the horses. This photo was taken from our deck at 8:15. There were nicer horse photos taken the next day. Michelle and her boys have done much horse riding over the years so Rachel knew it would be nice for them to get to meet the horses she rides. She organized it all herself with the owner of the horses.
Then it was time for a game inside before a 9pm bed time. A very late bed time for Ruth but as she and Rachel were sleeping outside in a horse float together - we were not going to send her to bed on her own.
We introduced the Campbells to our new Bible game. They played the card version tonight as they did not have quite enough time for the board game.
And you can see Asher sleeping on the couch behind them.
What a sweet little girl. This photo was taken at 10pm when she woke for her last feed before bed. You can see how warm it has been.

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