Friday, January 18, 2013

Blessings from the Lord

Wednesday 16th: I had a really rough morning today - just feeling absolutely exhausted the entire morning. I realized it was most probably because of my lack of diligence yesterday in the colder weather. I have been in the habit of having my morning smoothy with spirulina and that always gets me to take my supplements. It was so wet and "cold" (not really - but in contrast to the hot days) that I was just not in the mood for it and did not put the effort into making it. I did eventually get my water in through the day - but never got to my supplements. I think I suffered for that this morning. I had gotten Hezekiah sorted in the morning and as soon as I could I headed back to bed. Just before lunch time I crawled out of bed thinking I have to force myself to eat something. A friend happened to arrive at exactly that time - just popping in on her walk. It was so good to see her.
I was tired and emotional and she immediately gave me a hug and loads of encouragement. It was an answer to prayer. She offered to help and I said that her company would probably be the biggest help.
So she stayed for lunch and Hezekiah got to build his friendship with her a bit more. I also got a break from having him all over me as he was more than happy to climb over her and overload her with his hugs and kisses. What a blessing she has been to me.
And lesson learnt for me though. Even on a "colder" day - I will make that smoothy and have my supplements.
Hezekiah had spent time in his bed during the morning but not slept - so that meant he was really ready for a nap in the afternoon.
Once he was asleep I asked the girls if they would like to make some biscuits. They were all very pleased with this idea and worked really well.
Their end product was very impressive and enjoyed by us all for afternoon tea.
It was great having Brendon home at a more normal time too - so a very good end to a day that started off rather hard.
I am so thankful for Rachel and the blessing she is to us all. She loves doing things in the kitchen and is now even able to teach her sisters.
Thank You Lord for my first born who is growing into such a lovely women.
Christine was working out with the horses - so even though Rachel had done mucking out in the morning - she headed over to see if she could help with anything. She got to give Jo a good grooming.
And then Christine gave her some more lessons. First just walking Jo around and building that side of the relationship. He is a big animal and it is good to know that Christine is building even this simple skill - of being able to control him while walking him around.
Then onto some bare back riding.
Christine is doing the same type of training with Porky (in her case teaching Porky) - so they rode together which was nice. Rachel has a lot to learn with Jo as she has never ridden a horse that can be directed by how you sit and use your legs. She was thrilled to be out riding him again.
Something special I want to record here is how blessed I am by Ruth's love for this little baby. When we pray at night before the children go to bed Ruth is almost guaranteed to pray for baby. She will mostly pray that baby will grow well and be healthy and she will also pray that the birth would go well. What a wonderful big sister she is already (and she is only 6). Another thing that has stood out for me over the last couple of weeks in her prayers is that she thanks the Lord that each one of us was born. How wonderful that she can already be so aware of how life is a gift from God.
Thank you Lord for this precious child. Who although not born from my body is so very dear to me and such a special gift to me and to everyone in our family.
Thursday 17th: I had a much better day today (despite again not getting a wonderful night's rest) so I thank the Lord for that. At one point I got down on the floor on my hands and knees - knowing what was coming but just needing a break from having Hezekiah climbing on my lap (which has not been available for many weeks now). Hezekiah was instantly on my back. Rachel helped to make sure he did not fall off and did not bounce too hard - but he had a great time rolling all over me and doing what toddlers do when an adult gets on the floor to play with them. Rachel and Hannah even saw how much fun it was and so when I had had enough they spent some time rolling around with him too.
Hannah and Hezekiah are already such great friends and play so wonderfully together. I just love the way Hezekiah makes Hannah laugh and how wonderfully Hannah makes Hezekiah laugh. It brings such joy and happiness into the home. Thank you Lord for this two blessings.
Oh - and we got Hezekiah to try and do a "scary" face for the camera. He was so pleased to see his funny face on the screen afterwards.
Work hours have been better for Brendon this week but today was a longer day again. With it being rather wet and me having taken pork chops out for the BBQ - it was not ideal but my wonderful husband made a plan and still gave me a lovely break from Hezekiah (and cooking).
Thank you Lord for the amazing blessing Brendon is to me and the children. He is such a giving and serving husband and he is just so wonderful with the children and they all adore him.
Friday 18th: Blessed again by a friend. I did not get a photo for yesterday - but the two older girls had their first sewing session with her. They went over to her home in the morning (while Sandy came and did my 38 week check up). They started making bags for their future sewing projects. They were thrilled at the idea and so pleased that it go organized so quickly.
The friend then came over again this morning to "help in any way she could". So after morning tea together (Rachel had blessed us with a chocolate cake for after bible study last night and there is more than enough left over for us today) I asked her if she would help the younger girls with their big "clean up project". For ages now I have wanted to collect all their outside toys - give them a wash and sort them out. She got them all busy and they worked so wonderfully with her. (Rachel spent the time mucking out.) They got loads done and I got a 20 minute walk in (which includes extra bible reading time) as well as getting odd jobs done around the house that had also been bothering me because of how long they had been "waiting" to get done.
Thank You Lord for wonderful friends and all the blessings that this friend has been to me and my family this week.
And talking of wonderful friends - Kerry stopped in to drop some things off this afternoon and so we had a cuppa and a good chat. These times together are always such a blessing.
She only had the 3 youngest children with (so again Rachel missed out on time with the older girls) but Kerry made it up to her by bringing the last of the Love Comes Softly books as well as the first 6 DVDs of the series. Rachel is thrilled and so looking forward to watching them. She has read the first 5 books at least twice each.
The children had a great time playing inside and outside (after doing a great job of packing up together). Thank you Lord for the children's special friends and these little bits of time together that are really special.
It really has been a week of blessings. I started the week wondering how I would get through it - praying that either the Lord would allow this baby to come early or help me to cope. He has been so faithful and I have reached the end of the week feeling that I can cope with another 2 or 3 weeks if I need to - because God really is my strength and He provides for me so wonderfully. Blessings upon blessings. Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness.

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